A Man Like None Other Chapter 2061

Jared said to Flaxseed, “Mr. Flaxseed, do let go of me. I was summoned here by Mr. Sanders, you know.” Flaxseed loosened his grip when he heard that. Jared added, “Would you like to go in with me?” “No, I don’t want to…”

Flaxseed took several steps back. It was obvious that he was afraid of Arthur. Jared gave a slight chuckle at that. Having interacted with Arthur for so long, he didn’t think the man was scary at all. In fact, the latter was rather kind sometimes.

After leading Jared into Arthur’s room, Xavier excused himself. At the sight of Jared, Arthur smiled. “Jared, what are you doing here so early in the morning? Could it be that you didn’t have enough of the wine last night, and you’re here to ask for more?”

Jared shook his head. “Mr. Sanders, I’m here to ask if you know anything about Crafting Clan?” “I do. In fact, there’s some history between me and the head of Crafting Clan, Pascal Schneider…” came Arthur’s reply.

“History? What kind of history? Does that mean you know where Crafting Clan is?” Jared was elated to hear Arthur’s words. The latter chuckled. “But of course. Let me guess… You’re searching for Crafting Clan because you’re trying to get the Divine Scroll in order to open the entrance to a secret realm. Am I right?

Jared froze. He didn’t expect Arthur to be able to guess everything as if he could see through his mind. He replied truthfully, “Yes. I found an entrance to a secret realm in the backyard of the Warriors Alliance. There’s a chance my girlfriend is locked inside there.” In response, Arthur said, “I can tell you the address of Crafting Clan, and I will give you a token. As long as you bring the token to Pascal, he will lend you the Divine Scroll.”

Upon finishing his sentence, he picked up a calligraphy brush from the table and threw it in Jared’s direction before telling him the location of Crafting Clan.

Jared caught the brush and used his spiritual sense on it, only to find the calligraphy brush to be an ordinary brush without the slightest. spiritual energy to it.

He couldn’t understand how an ordinary calligraphy brush could be a token. Nonetheless, he didn’t dare question Arthur about it. After thanking him, he left the Department of Justice.

When Flaxseed saw him, he asked, “How was it? Did you get an answer?” Jared nodded. “I did. We’re setting off to Crafting Clan right away.” Just one day after returning, he was about to leave again.

Although Lizbeth and the others were reluctant to see him leave, they could only pray that Jared would have a safe journey. After all, his goal was to save Josephine.

Meanwhile, Jessica and Flaxseed couldn’t bear to part with each other as well. Taking advantage of the time needed for their ride to arrive, Flaxseed made sure to satisfy Jessica fully before setting off with Jared.

Just as Jared and Flaxseed were making their way to Crafting Clan on Baylor Mountain, Skylar and Malphas could be seen walking out from a flash of light within the Evil Heart Sect.

A strong aura was exuding from Skylar’s body, making the atmosphere heavy with overwhelming pressure. With admiration shining in his eyes, Malphas praised, “As expected of Inferno Devil’s Form. Your physique and blood vessel has already begun to develop. I can’t believe you were able to achieve a breakthrough and become a Fourth Level Martial Arts Saint in such a short period of time! With your Inferno Devil’s Form, I’m sure even a Fifth Level Martial Arts Saint will be no match for you!”

“It’s all thanks to you and Lord Tanner that I was able to achieve this. I will do my best in the future and work hard for the development of our sect!” came Skylar’s humble reply.

Malphas replied cooly, “That’s good to hear. Anyway, I know you have always wanted to find Jared to avenge the murder of your father, so here’s your chance. Jared has found the entrance to our secret realm and tried to enter it forcefully. Although he failed, I still need you to stop him from entering our secret realm.”

Skylar was baffled to hear that. “But Mr. Malphas, isn’t it impossible to open the entrance to our secret realm by brute force alone? Since that’s the case, even if I didn’t stop him, Jared still wouldn’t be able to enter the secret realm, right?”

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