A Man Like None Other Chapter 2062

The entrance to the secret realm has been reinforced with a spell. Unless someone knows what the spell is, they won’t be able to enter. Malphas looked concerned when he explained, “That’s where you’re wrong. Although it’s true that brute force alone can’t open the entrance to the secret realm, there is one thing that can, and I’m sure those guys from Demon Sect must have told Jared about it.

There’s a chance that he has already set off to find it. If he does find it, he will be able to enter our secret realm easily. Not only will he be able to enter the dungeon area, but he will also have access to the place where we live and cultivate.” Skylar was shocked. “What kind of item possesses such power?”

“The Divine Scroll of Crafting Clan… In any case, you should head to Crafting Clan and talk to them in the name of Evil Heart Sect. Hopefully, they’ll be willing to help. It would be for the best if you could capture Jared alive, but if you can’t, destroy him. You must make sure he’s dead this time!”

Upon saying that, Malphas took out a ten centimeters long calabash with a red rope tied to it. He then added, “The head of Crafting Clan is a master at crafting weapons, and he loves to collect magical items. If you bring him this, I’m sure he will lend you a hand.”

As he spoke, he passed the calabash to Skylar. Skylar gave the calabash a once-over before asking dubiously, “Mr. Malphas, is this calabash a high-level magical item?”

Malphas gave him a dismissive wave. “Don’t ask and just do as I say. I’m sure the head of Crafting Clan will tell you the beauty of the calabash when the time comes.” Skylar got down on one knee and nodded before promising, “I’ll give it my all to complete this mission and capture Jared alive.”

Situated in the hinterland of Baylor Mountain, Crafting Clan was isolated from the world, making it a place where no ordinary human could find it.

Apart from that, the steep mountain path also made it impossible for the average Joe to reach it. That being said, there wasn’t a place in the world that was too difficult for martial artists or cultivators to go to.

At that moment, Skylar was looking up at the majestic gate of Crafting Clan as he stood at the entrance. There were no guards on either side of the gate, and in its place was a dragon and a tiger sculpture. Looking beyond the gate, Skylar couldn’t see anything except for the pitch-black darkness ahead of him.

Apart from that, there was also a palpable sense of oppression coming from within Crafting Clan that made him anxious. Since there were no guards, Skylar couldn’t make his presence known. In the end, he could only walk through the gates and into Crafting Clan.

However, two terrifying auras zipped toward him the moment he stepped through the entrance. Shocked, Skylar watched as the sculptures beside the gate came to life before pouncing at him.

Seeing that, he propelled himself backward and landed more than ten meters away. The instant he was outside the Crafting Clan gate, the ferocious beasts turned into sculptures once more.

Skylar wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead and lamented, “What a powerful magical item. It’s no wonder this place is known as the holy forge.”

I’m sure no one would have guessed that instead of guards, they have two magical items guarding the place. Not even the mundane world nor the prestigious families could think of having such security measures. Just then, a middle-aged man dressed in a robe walked out and bellowed at Skylar, “Who are you?”

“I’m Skylar Norton of Evil Heart Sect, here to request an audience with the head of Crafting Clan,” Skylar replied politely. Although he now possessed the strength of a Fourth Level Martial Arts Saint and the man before him was only a Greater Martial Arts Marquis, he still didn’t dare to show the slightest hint of disrespect. “Evil Heart Sect?” The middle-aged man was stunned for a moment. “Come with me…”

With that, Skylar followed the middle-aged man into Crafting Clan. Although he had stepped into Crafting Clan, he noticed he could only see a distance of more than ten meters away, while the rest of the place was shrouded in some sort of haze.

I guess it’s impossible to see the entire layout of Crafting Clan, huh? Skylar had an inkling that the whole place was enveloped by a huge magical item, which would explain his limited vision.

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