A Man Like None Other Chapter 2066

“So you’re the son of Mr. Schneider! I’m Jared Chance.” He reached out and shook Sherman’s hand enthusiastically. Jared humbled himself down as he had a favor to ask of another.

“My dad is currently in seclusion as he refines his magical items and won’t be back for some time. What do you want to borrow?” He feigned ignorance.

Jared directed his request to Sherman due to Pascal’s absence. “Mr. Sherman, we hope to loan the Divine Scroll. I swear by my name to return it to you once we’re done.”

“What? The Divine Scroll? You must be kidding! How could you expect us to lend the treasure of Crafting Clan to anyone who asks for it?” Sherman harrumphed.

Jared knew that it wouldn’t be an easy task convincing Sherman. He speedily reached for the calligraphy brush Arthur had given him and said to Sherman, “Mr. Sherman, Mr. Sanders wanted me to hand this to your father. He will understand once he sees this.”

Sherman took the calligraphy brush and gave it. a cursory glance before flinging it back at Jared. “What is this piece of junk? It looks like nothing more than an ordinary calligraphy brush! Who is this Mr. Sanders anyway? I have never even heard of him.”

Sherman had run out of patience. Jared was all at sea. How would he successfully borrow the Divine Scroll without Pascal here and Sherman not knowing who Arthur was?

“Mr. Sherman, I need the Divine Scroll to save someone. Please, what conditions do I need to meet for you to loan it to me?” Jared implored.

“I don’t sense any powerful magical items with you. But if you have any, I’d consider making a trade.” Sherman scrutinized Jared. “Here, I have a Storage Ring. Will this do?”

Jared removed his Storage Ring. “We have plenty of these ourselves and have no use for yours!” Sherman didn’t even spare it a glance. A Storage Ring meant nothing to him.

Jared opened the Storage Ring and reached for the Necro Ring. “Mr. Sherman, what about this? It’s a teleportation device that allows you to traverse everywhere!”

Sherman took the Necro Ring in hand and snorted as he briefly ran his hands over it. “This teleportation device is damaged and doesn’t have many trips left. Besides, it isn’t all that valuable as it can’t teleport you through long. distances. But it will do since it’s a teleportation device, after all. What else do you have?”

Jared shook his head. “That’s all I have on me. But I could refine several pure essence pills as a form of thanks if you loan me the Divine Scroll.”

“You know alchemy?” Sherman was astounded. “But of course! How could the lord of Medicine God Sect not know something so elementary?” Flaxseed chipped in. “If that’s the case, I’ll loan it to you for once.”

Sherman inclined his head and accepted the Necro Ring. Skylar, who had seen the entire thing unfold while hiding, gritted his teeth furiously. The Necro Ring was his before Jared had snatched it away from him.

Jared had just used it as a bartering chip. “Thank you so much, Mr. Sherman!” Jared expressed his gratitude. “Both of you, follow me.” Sherman led Jared and Flaxseed out of the main hall to the depths of the garden.

“Jared, isn’t it odd how easily we managed to borrow the Divine Scroll?” Flaxseed voiced out anxiously. “Keep quiet and follow me,” Jared asked Flaxseed to stop speaking. His meek demeanor had long since disappeared and was now overtaken by a calculating expression.

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