A Man Like None Other Chapter 2068

“That’s it? You want to trap me with this?” With a sneer on his face, Jared walked out of the secret room. Sherman got up and looked at Jared in disbelief. “W-What’s going on? Are your powers not being suppressed?”

Sherman could not understand why the suppressive power of the room did not work on Jared! “I told you not to think too highly of your secret room…” said Jared with disdain.

Even the laws of nature could not suppress Jared’s powers, let alone the mere suppressive power of a talisman. Sherman looked extremely upset. He did not expect that to happen. “Jared, since I can’t entrap you today, I shall kill you. I believe that Mr. Malphas will not blame me…”

Skylar’s eyes lit up with excitement when he saw Jared escape from the secret room. Only then could he have a real fight with Jared! Only then could he take revenge for his father and the Norton family….

At that moment, Skylar was super confident about his ability. As a fourth-level Martial Arts Saint, he was invincible! “Countless people want to kill me. Yet, none has succeeded. You are no exception either…”

said Jared with a slight smile. That smile from Jared was Skylar’s greatest humiliation and provocation. The glint in his dark eyes gave off such overwhelming pressure.

At the same time, there was a murderous intent coming from Jared. The entire Crafting Pavilion was filled with a menacing aura. “Let’s put an end to everything today…”

Skylar clenched his fists, and his aura kept bursting forth. The auras of both men clashed. There was a loud explosion, and the entire space shook! Flaxseed and Sherman began to retreat when they saw what happened..

There was no way they would not be able to withstand even the residual energy of the two Martial Arts Saints when they were fighting. “Go to hell!”

Skylar was unable to control his intent to kill and charged at Jared. His punch landed on Jared, and the power of a Martial Arts Saint filled the entire pavilion.

Jared appeared very calm when he faced Skylar’s attack. There was no sign of fear in his eyes, and he stood there with both his hands. behind his back. There were only disdain and derision in his eyes.

Sherman was very shocked to see Jared standing perfectly still. A punch from a Martial Arts Saint was enough to knock a small hill down, Yet, Jared was standing there like at statue! Perhaps, he is so traumatized by the power of that punch that he can’t move?

Sherman kept guessing. Meanwhile, Flaxseed was getting worried. Flaxseed knew that Jared was very powerful right now. When they were in Jetroina, even Kawasaki was no match for him.

However, that did not mean that Jared would be able to stand still even when he was assaulted by a Martial Arts Saint. If one were to make a mistake during a fight with a Martial Arts Saint, one’s soul would just fade away and cease to exist.

“Jared, be careful!” shouted Flaxseed. He did not want Jared to lose his life just because he wanted to act cool. Unfortunately, Jared did not seem to be able to hear Flaxseed’s warning. He was still standing there. Jared’s lack of action was the ultimate insult to Skylar. He gritted his teeth and punched harder this time around!

Boom! Once again, Skylar’s punch landed on Jared’s body. The impact produced a deafening explosion, and it wiped out every building and tree in the vicinity. The aftermath was like a tornado that continued to destroy everything in its path..

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