A Man Like None Other Chapter 2078

Meanwhile, Pascal had finally returned from refining weapons in seclusion, and he was holding a string of bells. That string of bells consisted of three shiny and beautiful bells. Upon his return, however, Pascal was stunned.

when he saw the messy scene. “Who is it? Who did this?” Pascal roared. Crafting Clan had never interacted with the martial arts families from the mundane world, so conflicts had never happened there.

Besides, the laws of nature would restrict those sects and prestigious families from the secret. realms, so they wouldn’t dare to mess with: them.

Although plenty of families from the secret realms were eager to have the Divine Scroll, Pascal had always refused to sell it. With Crafting Clan still having the Divine Scroll in their possession, the families from the secret realms were very respectful toward them.

That was why Pascal was livid when he saw that someone had messed up their place. “Dad, you’ve finally returned!” Sherman threw himself into his father’s embrace tearfully. “What happened here, Sherman?”

Pascal asked with a stern expression. “Dad, let Mr. Yandle explain it to you.” Sherman knew Morgan’s words carried more weight than his, so he chose to let Morgan explain the situation.

“Mr. Pascal, when you were in solitary training. a brat called Jared Chance came because he wanted to borrow the Divine Scroll from us. I told him Divine Scroll is the treasure of Crafting Clan, so we don’t lend it to anyone. I told him you’re keeping it, and we don’t know where it is. However, he didn’t believe us, and he ended up trashing our place. He even killed quite a few of our men and hit Mr. Sherman!” Morgan told Pascal what happened.

Obviously, Morgan didn’t know much. He only. got the information from Sherman. “Jared Chance?” Pascal was exuding an intense wave of murderous aura. “Is that man really that strong? Are the men of Crafting Clan that weak?”

In response, Morgan said, “Mr. Pascal, I think Jared Chance is a Martial Arts Saint. Our magical items didn’t work on him.”

“Hmph! So what if he’s a Martial Arts Saint? This time, I have forged the Soul Summoning. Bells. This can now bring a Martial Arts Saint to his knees!” Pascal boasted while holding the bells.

“You forged the Soul Summoning Bells, Mr. Pascal? No one can threaten Crafting Clan anymore! Soul Summoning Bells can even scare the lord of the underworld!” Morgan was astonished.

“Dad, Jared will surely be back! You must avenge me and teach that fellow a lesson!” Sherman exclaimed. With his father around, Sherman became full of confidence.

“Don’t worry. If he dares to come, I’ll make him pay. No one has had the guts to cause trouble here.” Pascal had a cold look in his eyes, but he soon realized something. “Wait. Jared Chance? Why does that name sound so familiar? Is he the man who wiped out the Warriors Alliance of Jadeborough?”

“Yes. That’s him. The people from Evil Heart. Sect are still hunting him down.” Sherman nodded. Pascal immediately frowned when he heard. that. “I heard that Mr. Sanders holds this man in high regard. He even established Deragon Sect in Jadeborough!”

“Who cares who holds Jared in high regard? That fellow came here with an ordinary calligraphy brush and told me that was a token from Mr. Sanders! I threw that calligraphy brush I back to him. That was merely an ordinary calligraphy brush! How was that a token? I don’t even know who Mr. Sanders is!” Sherman said nonchalantly when he heard what his father said.

Unlike Sherman, Pascal knew how big of a deal that was, so much so that his expression changed instantly when he heard Jared had Arthur’s calligraphy brush.

“What’s the matter with you, Dad? Are you letting Jared go because of a calligraphy brush?” Sherman asked anxiously. “Don’t worry about it. I know what I’m doing.” Pascal turned around and left.

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