A Man Like None Other Chapter 2079

Meanwhile, Jared was sitting in his room in Deragon Sect, and Thousands of Miles Away was in front of him. At that moment, Jared was in a hot spring in a snowy place.

Jared didn’t unroll Thousands of Miles Away to cultivate. Instead, he merely wanted to take a dip in the hot spring to calm his mind. Clearly, being in a hot spring in a place with a cold environment was the perfect way to relax.

Jared knew no one would show up there, so he was relaxing in the hot spring without a worry in the world. With his eyes shut, he immersed himself in nature. This is the only time I can truly loosen up. Little did he know that there were two girls walking toward the hot spring.

“Ms. Hargreaves, you’re coming to the hot spring very often. Do you really think Jared has been here before? That’s impossible because he can’t enter our secret realm. Even if he could, he couldn’t have found this hot spring. Mr. Hargreaves said the Secret Realm Conference coming soon, so he wants you to learn a thing or two by bringing you along. He said you should cultivate whenever you can!” Autumn advised Hailey.

“Autumn, you sound like my mom when you nag! What are you on about? I just want to take a dip in the hot spring.” Hailey rolled her eyes at Autumn. After that, they walked toward the hot spring silently.

While Jared was enjoying his rare moment of peace and quiet, someone suddenly knocked on the door and woke him up. Jared’s body slowly vanished from the hot spring.

Hailey arrived at the hot spring in the nick of time to catch a glimpse of Jared before he disappeared from the hot spring, and she was in disbelief when she saw him.

“Jared!” Hailey called out excitedly. However, Jared vanished into thin air without responding. “Jared! Jared!” Hailey shouted a few more times, but Jared’s body was already out of sight.

“Ms. Hargreaves, Jared isn’t here. Do you miss him so much that you’re hallucinating?” Autumn scanned the surroundings and saw no one else there. “Autumn, I wasn’t hallucinating. I really saw Jared! It was him!” Hailey was elated. How did Jared disappear, though?

While Hailey was looking everywhere for Jared, he was already in the mundane world with his eyes wide open. As he gradually stood up, he couldn’t help casting Thousands of Miles Away a glance. When my spiritual sense left Thousands of Miles Away, I think I heard someone shouting my name. That person. sounded like Hailey.

Despite having that thought, Jared shook his head to clear his mind. I must be hearing things because of my unstable mental state! How could I have heard Hailey’s voice in Thousands of Miles Away?

Jared went to open the door after keeping Thousands of Miles Away in his Storage Ring. It was Flaxseed at the door. “We need to get going. I think Mr. Schneider has already returned.”

“Sure!” Jared nodded. When they were on their way to Crafting Clan, Flaxseed asked in a worried tone, “Jared, what if Mr. Schneider hasn’t returned? What if he doesn’t want to lend us the Divine Scroll? What are we going to do, then?”

“We’ll snatch it away from him,” Jared replied flatly. That response showed how determined Jared was. This time, there were people at the entrance of Crafting Clan waiting for Jared and Flaxseed to arrive. It was as though they had been expecting them to show up. “Has Mr. Schneider returned?” Jared asked the members of Crafting Clan.

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