A Man Like None Other Chapter 2086

After saying that, Malphas waved his hand, sending a massive and sharp gust of wind toward Godrick and his party. Godrick and many members of Deragon Sect were sent flying backward by Malphas’ casual gesture.

Through their brief encounter, Godrick realized that Malphas was too powerful and they were likely not his match. However, since he was tasked to defend the place, Godrick couldn’t let Malphas take Skylar away just like that.

A cold glint flashed across Malphas’ eyes when he noticed Godrick and his group weren’t stepping aside. Immediately afterward, Malphas’ aura burst forth.

An overwhelming and terrifying aura instantly enveloped the entire Deragon Sect. Godrick and the others suddenly felt an invisible pressure washing over them. Immediately afterward, many fell to the ground one after the other.

Godrick clenched his teeth, trying to withstand the pressure, but the difference in strength was insurmountable. Ultimately, he was forced to kneel on the ground with a thud. Even the hard iolite slabs on the ground cracked under such severe impact.

Malphas smirked at the sight of the fallen Deragon Sect members. “Hmph. I can’t believe a bunch of trash like you think you can stop me. Today, I will show Jared the price he has to pay for opposing Evil Heart Sect.”

With that, Malphas’ aura began to surge, causing the pressure on Deragon Sect’s members to intensify instantly. Some started to spew out mouthfuls of blood as their lives rapidly slipped away. “How dare you commit such blatant evil deeds in Jadeborough. Do you think I’m non-existent?”

A figure descended from the sky at that moment, followed by a gentle aura that blanketed everyone’s heads. Those from Deragon Sect felt their bodies lighten, and they rose to their feet one after the other.

Godrick stood up as well. Astounded to see the person who had arrived out of the blue, he hurriedly stepped forward and greeted, “Welcome, Mr. Sanders. I’m Godrick Deragon.”

Arthur merely nodded slightly in response. Then, he turned to gaze at Malphas with a calm expression. Malphas and Skylar grimaced when they saw. Arthur’s unannounced advent.

“Mr. Sanders, this is a personal feud and shouldn’t have anything to do with the authorities, so I hope you don’t interfere,” Malphas said. Arthur furrowed his brows and waved his palm.

Slap! A crisp sound reverberated as Malphas left cheek instantly swelled up. “How dare an insignificant demon like you speak to me in that tone. I think you must be tired of living. Arthur’s countenance turned icy cold.

Malphas covered his face, looking stunned. Now that he had regained his physical form, he was equipped with the strength of a Martial Arts Saint. Yet, with his capabilities, he was no match for Arthur.

“Mr. Sanders, Jared captured a disciple of Evil Heart Sect. I’m here to rescue him now. I don’t suppose you’ll intervene in this matter?” Malphas asked while staring at Arthur nervously.

“You can save your sect member, but I won’t let you off easily for killing the people from Deragon Sect,” Arthur uttered sternly. Hearing that, Malphas could only bring Skylar with him and hastily flee from Deragon Sect.

Arthur’s appearance had saved the lives of dozens of Deragon Sect’s disciples. “Mr. Sanders, S-Skylar has been taken away. What should we do next?” Godrick mustered his courage to ask Arthur.

“That’s your problem. How does it concern me?” After Arthur finished his sentence, his body gradually dissipated. “Mr. Sanders! Mr. Sanders!” Godrick shouted desperately, but his effort was for naught.

Soon, Arthur had vanished without a trace. Sweeping his eyes across the corpses on the ground and some gravely injured Deragon Sect members, Godrick immediately called for medical assistance.

Still, with Skylar gone, Godrick didn’t know how he should explain the situation to Jared when the latter returned. Right then, Flaxseed and Jessica came back. They had tried many times but couldn’t reopen the entrance to the secret realm, so they had no choice but to return for now to find another solution.

Upon hearing Skylar was rescued by Malphas, Flaxseed knew they were tricked. The enemy must’ve deliberately lured Jared into the secret realm and seized this opportunity to save Skylar. In this case, Jared must be in great danger inside the secret realm.

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