A Man Like None Other Chapter 2087

Meanwhile, in the secret realm of Evil Heart Sect, Jared was still unaware that Skylar had been rescued. When he slowly opened his eyes, he found it was already dawn.

“Where exactly are you, Josephine?” he wondered. Jared looked at the vast forest surrounding him. There was no aura within a ten-mile radius, indicating that Josephine was not nearby.

He had no idea how big the secret realm was. Even though he had already entered it, finding. her would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, since he was there, he was dead set on saving Josephine before leaving no matter what.

Before he knew it, Jared had already walked more than a dozen miles. Along the way, he kept emitting his spiritual sense, exploring. everything around him, but he still made no discovery.

He could not find any aura or even a single animal! “With such a dense spiritual energy and comfortable environment, could there really be no one in this secret realm?”

At that moment, Jared began to have questions. After all this time, I still haven’t bumped into a single Evil Heart Sect member. He was skeptical that this was truly the sect’s secret realm.

Half a day had passed, and Jared was still wandering around in the secret realm. Aside from forests and boulders, there was no living creature in there.

He did not think much of it at first, but as time passed, he could not shake the feeling that something was off about the secret realm. There are no people or animals in this secret realm. It’s as if this is a cage!

While Jared was still searching for Josephine, seven people in purple robes gathered in the hall of another secret realm of Evil Heart Sect. Their purple robes were all covered by black scarves, obscuring their faces.

Seated on the main seat was Tanner, who was forever shrouded in black mist. Skylar was at the other end, standing solemnly with a somewhat nervous expression on his face.

Even Malphas, who was beside him, had his jaw tightened and appeared to be extremely nervous.

This was because everyone gathered there were core members of Evil Heart Sect, as only the core higher-ups of the sect were worthy of wearing purple robes.

Even though Malphas had been in Evil Heart Sect for many years, he had never seen so many higher-ups of the sect gathered together. The fact that they were all seated together at that moment indicated that something significant was about to occur. Tanner swept his gaze across the hall before stating slowly, “Everyone, we can start now…”

The seven purple-robed figures nodded, and then each held a fist-sized black-gold ball in their hands. Soon, those black-gold balls emitted light, and the seven rays of light ultimately converged together, and then a door slowly appeared in the void.

The sight of two menacing-looking human heads on the door greeted them, looking exceedingly frightening. After that, Tanner also took out a black-gold ball. As he delicately brushed his palm over the ball’s surface, an instantaneous flash of brilliant black light shot toward the door. Creak…

Accompanied by a piercing, heavy noise, the door slowly opened, and then anguished screams could be heard coming from behind it. The screams seemed to be coming from the depths of hell, giving people goosebumps all over their bodies.

“Skylar!” Tanner hollered at Skylar. The latter hurriedly came forward and knelt on the ground. “Yes, sir!”

“This is the Gates of Hell. Enter it now, and when you can come out of it, you will become a true demon spirit warrior, and you will also change from a martial artist to a true cultivator! At that point, you can live for thousands of years and even ascend into the sky. You can even tear time and space, enter Ethereal Realm, and become a great demon leader…”

Tanner paused before continuing, “You’re meant to become more than just an ordinary martial artist because of your physique. Are you willing to accept the training of the Gates of Hell?”

His voice was soft as if he was an elder talking to his child!

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