A Man Like None Other Chapter 2090

A troubled look appeared on Theodore’s face as he glanced at them. “Mr. Gunderson, it’s not like you don’t know Mr. Sanders’ temper. Only he could summon someone to meet him. It’s not easy to see him personally, even for me. I’m not even worthy of serving him coffee!”

Although Theodore was the General of the Department of Justice, he was nothing to Arthur. “General Jackson, you’ve been in the Department of Justice for quite some time. I believe that you have your ways…”

The next second, Lachlan went up to him and handed him an exquisite hand fan. “General Jackson, this is the Dunn family’s heirloom. I hope that you can help us.”

With that said, Lachlan stuffed the hand fan into Theodore’s hand. “Old Mr. Dunn, you don’t have to do this.” Returning him the hand fan, Theodore heaved a sigh before saying, “Mr. Chance helped me several times. I’ll see Mr. Sanders…”

Theodore gritted his teeth, getting ready to look for Arthur. Just as Theodore turned around, he saw Xavier walking out. “Captain Jennings, they…”

Upon seeing that, Theodore approached Xavier hastily to have a word with him. Xavier was someone close to Arthur. Hence, Theodore hoped that he could lend a hand. It was then that Xavier waved his hand and interrupted Theodore’s speech, “Mr. Sanders asked them to go in.”

Hearing that, they were overjoyed and rushed into the guest room of the Department of Justice. Soon, Arthur’s guest room was crowded. Arthur was sipping coffee leisurely in his main seat, ignoring the people in front of him.

Meanwhile, facing Arthur, all of them were so nervous that they could not even breathe properly. None of them dared to utter a word. Arthur sat there indifferently. Nevertheless, they felt pressured by his existence alone.

Arthur kept mum, and the room was instantly filled with dreadful silence. Meanwhile, everyone started breathing heavily. Finishing his coffee, Arthur finally shifted his attention to everyone there.

His gaze caused everyone there to lower their heads. Arthur swept a glance over everyone, and he laid his eyes on Renee and Melanie for a brief moment before retracting his gaze.

“Everyone except the ladies may leave now. I know that all of you are here for Jared. Let Jared handle his affairs on his own.” Arthur waved his hand.

Fernando and the others wanted to beg Arthur for help. However, they remained silent upon seeing Arthur’s gaze. Meanwhile, Flaxseed hid behind the crowd, avoiding eye contact with Arthur the whole time.

The others were asked to leave by Xavier, and only the ladies stood rooted to the spot. The ladies were puzzled, unable to fathom why Arthur made them stay. All of them felt nervous. “Who is Jared’s woman here?”

Arthur asked lightly. They were all startled by that sudden question. Hearing that, they exchange glances with each other and said nothing. As a matter of fact, none of them were considered as Jared’s woman.

Many of them had feelings for Jared. However, not a single one of them dated Jared in the past. Furthermore, none of them was married to Jared. Hearing no responses from the ladies, Arthur frowned and asked, “Hasn’t anyone of you slept with Jared before?”

His blunt words immediately caused the ladies to blush. Later, all of them shook their heads in response. Seeing that, Arthur let out a helpless laugh. “That brat! How ruthless!”

For the first time in forever, Arthur cursed.

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