A Man Like None Other Chapter 2092

As they both had agreed, Arthur swiped his hand across the table, and a shimmering ray of light appeared. To Renee and Melanie’s surprise, a book soon materialized in front of Arthur. The book’s cover was rather aged, and it was visibly worn.

“Take this book with you wherever you go, and make sure that you do not leave the boundaries of Jadeborough. Remember, no one can read the book, including you both. When you see Jared, give this book to him. Do you understand?”

Hearing that, Renee and Melanie bobbed their heads. They were unable to decipher what Arthur was trying to tell them. Jared is already trapped in the secret realm, so how are we going to see him?

“That’s all. Take this book with you and leave. Tell no one about this,” Arthur reminded them before giving a dismissive wave. Melanie came forward to take the book. After keeping it well, the girls left the Department of Justice, When they both came out, Cecilia immediately inquired, “Renee, Melanie, why did Mr. Sanders ask you to stay behind? What did he say?”

“Oh, it’s nothing much. He merely asked about our constituents,” Melanie explained. Most of the girls knew about their unique constituents, so that explanation didn’t raise any doubts.

Cecilia’s expression was earnest as she addressed the ladies, “Now that Mr. Sanders has imparted the techniques to us, I’m confident that we can all work diligently to hone our cultivation skills in order to assist Jared soon.”

For the following days, the ladies worked hard to strengthen their cultivation skills. Flaxseed and the rest were still racking their brains, trying to figure out a way to save Jared from the secret realm.

Renee and Melanie were at a loss. They spent their days together, never leaving each other’s side. Everywhere they went, Melanie brought the book with her, always careful not to forget it or leave it behind.

A few days passed in what seemed like the blink of an eye. With no clear plan of action, they wandered aimlessly on the streets. Despite their best efforts, they had no idea how they were going to find Jared. They still couldn’t comprehend Arthur’s words.

“Melanie, we can’t just stroll on the streets without a purpose all day. Everyone is busy cultivating! Those who don’t know about our plan might think we’re just slacking off without any intention of helping Jared,” Renee said listlessly. They were currently seated in a corner of a restaurant.

“What does Mr. Sanders mean? I don’t understand his words. I’ve been thinking these few days. Do you think he gave us the book because we both have unique constituents and have a way to see Jared?” Melanie asked thoughtfully.

“How do we do that? Jared is stuck in the secret realm. Even Mr. Flaxseed and the like are at a loss as to what to do,” Renee asked, her lips pouting in frustration. She glanced down at the feast that had been served before them, but her worry for Jared had taken away her appetite. “Ladies, feel free to tell me what’s bothering you. I can help you solve your frustrations!”

Right then, two lecherous-looking men clad in expensive clothes made their way over to the girls. Renee and Melanie cast a brief glance in their direction before deciding to completely ignore them. Despite being ignored, the men refused to give up and sat down with Renee and Melanie.

Renee was feeling quite irritated, and her patience had been tested to its limits by the men’s persistent attempts at hitting on them. She glared at them and declared, “Scram now before I really lose my temper.”

Hearing the disrespectful words coming from Renee’s mouth, one man couldn’t help but chuckle in response. “It seems you have quite the fiery temper for someone of your age. Have you not heard of us-”

Before he could finish his sentence, Renee slammed her hands on the table. Visible to the naked eye, a thin sheen of frost spread over the table and began to make its way up their arms, numbing their skin as it went.

The cold crept up on them, and before they knew it, they felt icy fingers clamping down on their skin and were soon enveloped in a layer of frost, their hair and eyelashes encrusted with tiny crystals of ice. “Renee!”

Melanie abruptly halted Renee and cast her eyes around the area. “We need to leave. Doing this in public will cause people to panic.” She tugged Renee out of the restaurant even though they had barely eaten the food they ordered earlier.

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