A Man Like None Other Chapter 2102

When Jared reached the end of the cave, he realized that the entire place was huge, almost like a main hall, Inside housed many sculptures that were notably ancient-looking and covered with dust.

Observing his surroundings, Jared did not notice anything peculiar. Other than those sculptures, there were seemingly carvings on the stone walls around the cave, except that they could not be seen clearly.

Dejected, Jared retreated backward. He initially thought that place, if not an exit, would most likely be an ancient ruin or something similar. After all, it was what Wordless Tome had indicated.

Yet now, there was nothing. It was no doubt why Jared would be overwhelmed by disappointment. When Jared returned to the entrance, he found that Josephine and the rest had made their way in too.

“Didn’t I ask the three of you to wait outside? Why are you in here? What if you run into danger?” Jared reprimanded the three of them. “It’s exactly because we’re worried that you’ll be in danger that we came in…” Josephine explained. Josephine’s response left Jared bereft of words.

“Jared, did you find anything valuable inside?” Renee inquired as she gazed at the pitch-black cave. “Nothing. There’s nothing else other than some useless sculptures!” Jared shook his head in disappointment. “Let’s go in and take a look…” Melanie’s curiosity was piqued.

“There’s nothing at all. What’s there worth looking at?” Jared was unwilling to head back inside again. “I’d like to go in and take a look too! Jared, let’s go in again, shall we?” Renee grabbed Jared’s arm and asked coquettishly. At that, Jared could only nod and reply in exasperation, “All right…”

In no time, the group of four advanced into the cave again. “So, this place is called Boundless Cave? What a lame name…” remarked Renee while glancing at the engraving on the cave ceiling.

Melanie directed her gaze toward the cave ceiling as well, but as soon as she did, she immediately lowered her head and looked away, and following that, her face turned bright red.

Nevertheless, no one noticed the change in expression on Melanie’s face. Jared was in front, using spiritual fire to lead the way. Behind him was Josephine, who gradually felt herself getting warmer. Beads of sweat trickled down her forehead continuously. And next to her was Renee. Contrastingly, her whole body was trembling slightly as if it was freezing inside the cave.

Following behind everyone else, Melanie was biting her lips tightly while her face had reddened drastically, almost as though she had seen something unsightly. Jared, who was in the lead, seemingly did not notice that something was off with the three ladies behind him.

Making his way to the end of the cave, hel waved his hand dismissively and uttered, “Look, there’s nothing in here except these broken sculptures, right? I didn’t lie, but you all are adamant about coming in to have a look. Now, go ahead and look around however you like!”

Upon saying so, he was about to look for a spot to sit down and get some rest when he suddenly realized that the three ladies were acting somewhat strange.

“What’s wrong, Josephine?” Jared rushed forward at the sight of Josephine perspiring profusely. “I’m fine. It’s just that I feel very hot all of a sudden. Why is it so hot in here?”

Josephine kept wiping away the sweat on her forehead. “Is it that hot?” Baffled, Jared reached his hand out and gently touched Josephine’s forehead. That touch, nonetheless, was so scalding that Jared shrank away instinctively.

It was worth noting that Jared’s physical body was outstandingly strong. He could stand in molten lava and feel nothing at all. Strangely enough, he could feel the burning sensation when he lightly touched Josephine’s forehead a moment ago. On the other hand, Renee was quivering violently, so much so that she curled herself up into a ball. “It’s so cold… It’s so cold in here…”

A thin layer of frost had formed on her hair and eyebrows. “Renee…”

Witnessing that scene, Jared hastily removed his shirt and draped it over Renee. “Jared, it’s too cold in here…” Renee leaned forward and grabbed him. As the two came into contact, Jared felt a ripple of bone-chilling iciness entering his body.

Intense shock inundated Jared, and he hurriedly shoved Renee aside. It was clear he was rattled by the situation at that point. What’s wrong with Josephine and Renee? Could it be that there’s something off with this cave?

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