A Man Like None Other Chapter 2106

Thanks to his body being immune to poison, Jared knew he would be fine even if the fruit turned out to be poisonous. However, things could get disastrous if someone like Melanie were to eat a poisonous fruit, Seconds after Jared had taken a bite of the wild fruit, a word appeared inside his head. Green Frost Fruit. What followed was an introduction to Green Frost Fruit.

Jared stared at the fruit with a mix of shock and confusion in his eyes. I’d never seen this fruit before, so I couldn’t possibly know its name! Based on the introduction, this is from a fruit tree that existed thousands of years ago. It lives off spiritual energy that it absorbs from the environment. The fruits that the tree bears are sweet and even have beautifying properties.

“What’s going on here?” Jared mumbled to himself with a frown as he brought some of the fruits back. Melanie, who was really hungry at the time, quickly helped herself to the fruits when she saw them. The sweetness of the fruit gave her quite a pleasant surprise.

“Josephine! Renee! Come try these fruits out! They’re really sweet!” Melanie called out to them. Josephine and Renee weren’t feeling hungry, but they did as told and ate the fruits out of curiosity. Sure enough, they too were shocked by how sweet the fruits tasted. “What is this fruit, Jared? It tastes so good!”

Josephine asked. “It’s called ‘Green Frost Fruit.’ It only grows here in secret realms and lives off spiritual energy. This fruit even has beautifying properties!” Jared replied.

The ladies happily munched away when they heard about the fruit having beautifying properties. “How do you know this stuff, Jared? You haven’t been to secret realms often, have you?” Renee asked curiously. “I’m not sure myself. For some reason, I just. knew about this fruit,” Jared said with an awkward smile on his face.

“Who cares how he knew? We have tasty fruits that can make us look even more beautiful, so we have nothing to worry about even if we’re trapped here!” Melanie exclaimed excitedly.

Jared felt relieved when he saw the three ladies eating the fruits with smiles on their faces.

We’re still trapped in this secret realm, but at least we’re safe for the time being. It’s way better than Gate of Fire, which is just a really hot desert. If I had a secret realm of my own, I’d let the people close to me come live in it. I’m pretty sure it’d be nice to live peacefully away from the hustle and bustle of the city!

With that in mind, Jared sat down on the grass and watched the ladies joke around while eating. He then lay down and attempted to get some rest when he felt something sharp poke him in the arm.

Jared quickly sat bolt upright and glanced at his hand, only to see blood pouring out of his palm. My body is tougher than steel, so what could have possibly punctured my skin so easily?

He then searched the grass beneath him for whatever it was that pierced him earlier. It wasn’t long before Jared found a blade of grass that was shaped like a steel needle. The bloodstains on its surface helped confirm his suspicions.

Jared then plucked the needle-shaped grass out of the ground and examined it under the sun. To his surprise, it was actually transparent like glass. Golden Thorn Grass.

Jared was halfway through observing that grass when the words popped into his mind, which was also followed by an introduction to Golden Thorn Grass.

Apparently, that grass was a popular choice as a weapon because of its ridiculously tough structure and rarity. After all, not many people knew about the existence of such a plant.

There were even rumors that Golden Thorn Grass were originally the quills of a sacred hedgehog that fell off when it shook its body but turned into Golden Thorn Grass after landing in the human world. As Jared thought about the information that had been appearing inside his head, he suddenly understood something.

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