A Man Like None Other Chapter 2114

“Jared!” At the sight of Jared littered with injuries, Xavier stepped forward and helped him up. At that very moment, Jared’s gaze was blank, and he looked as though he was slow on the uptake. Slowly, he gazed up at the vast sky above. A sharp gleam glinted in his eyes.

“I don’t believe in destiny. I’m the master of my own fate, not God!” he roared out of the blue. His voice brimmed with intense spiritual energy and reverberated throughout the whole of Jadeborough.

Subsequently, Jared dragged his injured body back to Deragon Sect. Right then, everyone was gathered there to discuss countermeasures. Sheer shock inundated them when they saw Jared with injuries all over his body.

After all, considering his current capabilities, the average person could not possibly injure him so heavily. “What happened to you, Jared?” Flaxseed asked frantically upon seeing him in such a condition.

Jared shook his head without answering that. Instead, he turned to Godrick. “Arrange for some men to carry Josephine and the others and follow me, Godrick.”

“Where are we going, Jared?” Godrick questioned. “Warriors Alliance,” Jared replied helplessly. When Flaxseed saw him acting in such a manner, he knew that the man must have suffered a heavy blow, and it was not physical but a mental one. Otherwise, Jared would not be in such a state.

No matter how grievous the injuries dealt him, he would never behave so despondently as long as he was still breathing. Everyone followed Jared to the Warriors Alliance’s backyard. As the man recited the spell, the entrance to the secret realm slowly opened.

Jared then took Josephine and the others back to the secret realm. Initially, Flaxseed and the rest of the ment wanted to enter with him. However, he declined because he had no idea whether they would exhibit the same symptoms as Josephine and the others if they were to go into the secret realm.

After they had gone into the secret realm, Josephine and the others soon regained consciousness. At that, great relief suffused Jared. “Why are we back in the secret realm, Jared?” Renee wondered in utter puzzlement, glancing around her surroundings. “Let me explain…”

Jared proceeded to narrate the turn of events to the three ladies without leaving anything out. Having done so, he promised, “Don’t worry. I’ll figure out a way to save you all away from here. I won’t allow you to be trapped in here forever. As he spoke, there was a look of determination that was etched across his features.

“Actually, it’s not so bad to live here. The surroundings are pretty nice,” Josephine countered smilingly, knowing that the man. must be feeling upset then.

“No wonder Mr. Sanders asked us whether we were willing to die for you when we sought him out, Jared. He even asked me and Melanie whether we had unique constitutions before handing that book to us. It turned out that he knew everything. He must have known we could bump into you and hand you the book.”

Only then did Renee understand Arthur’s words back then. “He asked you both whether you had unique constitutions?” Jared’s brows knitted together. Something seemingly occurred to him, for he grabbed Josephine’s hand.

As he sent bursts of spiritual energy into her body, his expression turned grim. On the heels of that, he snagged Renee’s and Melanie’s hands, checking both their bodies as well.

Upon doing so, he found out that their unique constitutions had vanished without a trace. “Quick, take a look and see whether your unique constitutions are gone,” Jared urged in surprise.

In no time, all three women checked themselves over. Sure enough, they discovered that their unique constitutions had disappeared, and they were no different from the average person at that moment. “How did this happen?”

Incredulity was written all over Renee’s face. Her frosty constituent was innate, and it could not be cured even after she had tried everything. She only survived after encountering Jared later.

Embarking on the path of cultivation subsequently, she slowly freed herself from the lethal threat posed by that constitution of hers. Yet, it was gone then. Alongside that, Josephine and Renee’s capabilities declined significantly. “It must have something to do with Boundless Cave. Let’s go and have a look.”

Jared reckoned that the disappearance of the ladies’ unique constitutions was undoubtedly linked to Boundless Cave. As such, he planned on going over to investigate further.

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