A Man Like None Other Chapter 2123

After making the necessary arrangements, Jared found Fernando and departed to the secret realm together. There, he found Chester and told the latter the reason for his visit. “Mr. Chance, it isn’t easy to treat someone whose meridians and bones are all crushed!” Chester replied with a frown.

“Great Elder, is there no solution in the secret realm? I heard there are many spiritual energy cultivators in the secret realm. Aren’t there any capable alchemists around?” Jared asked in surprise. He was under the assumption that amazing alchemists were in the secret realm.

Chester shook his head and explained, “Mr. Chance, there are many spiritual energy cultivators within the secret realm, but they are ordinary beings, not immortals. I’m afraid not even deities can treat them as it requires one to reconstruct their bodies. I don’t think you’ll find someone else in other secret realms who is capable of doing that.” Jared furrowed his brows as dejected crossed his face. “Is there nothing else we can do?”

The thought of Godrick and Flaxseed spending the rest of their lives bedridden filled Jared with an immense sense of guilt that he knew would haunt him for the remainder of his days.

Chester shared, “I’ve heard of a magical spring called the Spring of Regeneration in the mundane world that could potentially help Godrick and Flaxseed. It was said that soaking in the spring water for seven days could reconstruct one’s body. However, being from the secret realm, I have never seen the Spring of Regeneration nor know if it still existed.”

“Spring of Regeneration, huh?” Jared pondered over the name, which sounded unfamiliar to him. He had never heard about it before. Jared was struck with the realization that there were numerous things in the martial arts world that he was completely unaware of.

“Great Elder, have you heard about Kusch Monastery?” he asked. Chester shook his head in response. “That should be a place in the mundane world, so I know nothing about it. Mr. Chance, did you run into trouble in the mundane world? If you need help, you can get my daughter to leave the secret realm to help you!”

Jared waved his hands. “No need for that. No. one in the martial arts world is my match. The martial artists are not as strong as us spiritual energy cultivators.”

Jared was aware that their time in the mundane world was limited. If they stayed there for too. long, their martial arts abilities could decline or even regress. That’s why he didn’t want Evangeline to take any risks. Besides, Jared wasn’t afraid of Pascal and his son. It was pretty easy for him to take their lives.

“Mr. Chance, that’s not entirely true. Both martial artists and spiritual energy cultivators share the same goal-to become immortals. They are not so different from each other. Some martial artists have even become legendary figures and achieved immortality. The only difference is that it’s typically more challenging for martial artists to attain immortality,” Chester explained patiently.

Jared gaped incredulously upon hearing Chester’s words. He had always assumed he was invincible in the martial arts world. “Great Elder, are there more levels above Martial Arts God in the martial arts world?” he asked in disbelief.

Jared knew little about the martial arts world, so he initially thought a Martial Arts Saint was the highest cultivation level in the martial arts world.

After he went to Jetroina and met a few Martial Arts God divine souls, he came to the realization that Martial Arts God was a level above Martial Arts Saint. However, Chester seemed to be implying that Martial Arts God wasn’t the highest level in the martial arts world.

“Mr. Chance, it goes like this. After attaining the Martial Arts God level, a martial artist can progress to Martial Arts Sovereign and eventually become a Manifestor. Once a martial artist transcends that, they are no different from a spiritual energy cultivator. They must then cultivate with the aid of spiritual energy and strive to become immortal,” Chester told him.

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