A Man Like None Other Chapter 2129

To Alef, Jared’s strength was definitely not what a Fifth Level Martial Arts Saint cultivator should possess! “There are many things you won’t be able to expect.” Jared smirked, his eyes full of disdain. “Even if you’re strong, what’s the use?”

After Alef finished speaking, he gestured toward the puppets, and they all stood up again. These puppets had terrifying holes filled with blood on each of their chests.

But as Alef recited some kind of incantation, the wounds on their bodies began to glow, and they soon completely healed. In an instant, the puppets rushed toward Jared again, but Jared met them head-on without fear.

After a fierce battle, the puppets were once again covered in wounds, while some had their arms and legs cut off by Jared. One puppet even had its head smashed to a pulp by Jared.

Jared did not believe that Alef could revive the puppet even after its head had been destroyed. But to Jared’s surprise, as he watched, Alef’s chanting grew louder, and the puppets, with broken limbs and even a destroyed head, began to slowly recover.

Each puppet emitted a faint light, and all their injuries were quickly healed. Even the puppet with the destroyed head was now completely restored.

Jared was shocked, as zombie puppets were supposed to be dead and mindless, and if their heads were smashed to smithereens, they could not come back to life.

“Hahaha, my puppets are indestructible. No matter how powerful you are, your martial energy will eventually be exhausted, and you’ll be dead soon…”

Alef laughed loudly. Jared’s frown deepened as he saw the puppets continue their attack on him. In response, he quickly summoned his Dragonslayer Sword with a mere thought.

Its sword spirit had already awakened, making it strong enough to rival a Martial Arts Saint cultivator on its own. As Jared infused the sword with the Power of Dragons, it emitted a resounding dragon roar. A golden dragon appeared, coiling around Dragonslayer Sword. “That’s a good sword… A really good sword…”

Alef’s eyes glinted with greed as he looked at. Dragonslayer Sword in Jared’s hand. He was more excited than when he saw a woman.

Jared swung the sword, and its sharp blade cut through the air, leaving slashes upon the puppets’ bodies because they didn’t avoid it. Some of the puppets were even cut in half, but it didn’t matter since they could instantly heal themselves. Moreover, their strength was not diminished in the slightest.

“Kill him quickly and take that sword for me!” Alef urged his puppets on. One puppet swung its sandbag-like fist, aiming to crush Jared’s body.

However, Jared simply grabbed the puppet’s fist and injected it with powerful spiritual energy, causing it to explode. The puppet exploded from within, and its body was shattered into pieces.

Although the puppet was blown to pieces, it slowly reformed back into its original shape. At that moment, a sudden flash illuminated Jared’s mind, followed by the appearance of the Wordless Tome in his consciousness, which displayed all the information about the puppets.

Jared’s expression was extremely excited as he looked at the information in his mind. The Wordless Tome could not recognize humans, but since the puppets were made of various materials and they were not live humans or corpses, they were considered objects, and the Wordless Tome could display their information.

Everyone was stunned by Jared’s sudden excitement and couldn’t understand what was happening. Has he gone crazy? Jared laughed maniacally. “Hahaha! Are you saying that these are immortal puppets? But they have weaknesses like any other…”

A faint blue flame appeared in his palm, and with a wave of his hand, the flame spread quickly, surrounding the puppets and burning fiercely. Alef’s face immediately changed upon seeing this.

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