Edgar and His Destined Wife

Edgar and His Destined Wife

They had been married for two years, but Jean had only seen Edgar once – at her father’s funeral. “I only married you to get back at your disgusting father, now that he’s finally dead, it’s time for you to pay for his sins.” He did the unthinkable to her, but on the following day, announced his marriage to another woman, leaving Jean with nothing after the divorce. That was not the worst of it. What came after were tough interviews, facing jailtime, and what felt like a neverending downward spiral. It was at this point when Jean finally realized that Edgar hated her to the bones…

Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 411

Chapter 411 A Troubling Future After the blind date, Pinnacle Group’s intention gradually came to light Pinnacle Group had long desired to return to the domestic market but never found a good chance due to market oversaturation. Thus, they were unable to carry out their plan. However, Royden Group recently underwent problems, leading to various public …

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