Mission To Remarry

Mission To Remarry Chapter 1408

At Lucian’s remark, Jonathan inwardly rolled his eyes. “I was the one who expended the effort to obtain them!” That being said, the Pearson family doesn’t have the capability to fight me, considering their current state. Basically, they’re free resources! Lucian merely regarded the man with an inscrutable look in his eyes.. Intimidated by his stare, Jonathan …

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Mission To Remarry Chapter 1407

That night, Jonathan could barely sleep after receiving a message from Lucian. At daybreak the next morning, Jonathan strode into the Farwell residence. “Mr. Queen,” Catalina greeted him upon his arrival. Jonathan nodded in acknowledgment. “Where’s Lucian?” “He went up to his study after breakfast.” Jonathan then ended his conversation with Catalina and headed up. There was no way he could rest …

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