i have got a super rich dad chapter

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 126

“Huh? You toss out this one just because you’ve acquired a brand-new one?” 4 woman said loudly.

Jennifer nodded complacently as well as claimed, “Obviously! This one is too economical! The new one that my
papa purchased me set you back more than a hundred thousand bucks.”

As she talked, Jennifer’s eyes fell on the guitar Ethan bought Linda, “Yet in my point of view, my
trash is also way far better than their prize. Can you guys see the distinction between us?”

After completing her words, Jennifer break out laughing.

She stated those words intentionally to embarrass Ethan. Feeling she had actually achieved her objective, Jennifer
grinned triumphly.

After hearing Jennifer’s wards, the ladies all giggled and also took a look at Ethan gloatingly.

Ethan didnt take it seriously. Considering Jennifer, Ethan smiled and stated, ‘It seems that you
believe your guitar is very expensive.’

‘ Of course. One hundred thousand dollars guitar, Can you afford one?” Jennifer said
dismissively, “Don’t tell me that you paid for that item of garbage. Just how much? 10 bucks?”

Ethan was astonished by Jennifer’s lack of knowledge.
Ten bucks?
Campared with the guitar Ethan acquired Linda, Jennifers guitar did consider a ten dollars quitar.

Ethan really did not intend to lose time on Jennifer. He whispered something in Linda’s ear, as well as they
were walking out.

Ethan really did not have the time even to embarrass Jennifer.
Ethan’s behavior inflamed Jennifer. She stood in their means.

” Wait a minute, wan na flee?” Jennifer claimed scornfully, “I’m asking you an inquiry. How much
is your guitar?”

Jennifer burst out laughing and also continued, “Outrageous concerning the low-cost price?”

Jennifer’s words promptly triggered a ruptured of giggling. All the ladies were giggling and speaking
bad features of Ethan.

Ethan wasnt going to argue with them.
Yet as Ignorant as well as insolent as they were, they kept prompting Ethan, asking to be humiliated.

Ethan checked out Jennifer steadly as well as stated coldly, “You’re curious regarding the price of my quitar,
arent you? You wish to embarrass me after hearing the price? I hesitate I’ll allow you down!”

Ethan elevated his head as well as said loudly, “This guitar expense three million!”
” Currently, do you still believe you have an expensive guitar?’ Ethan claimed.

Jennifer was stunned.

A 3 million dollars guitar seemed excessive for Jennifer.

Linda was additionally stunned upon listening to the price.

Linda absolutely thought Ethan

It hurt Linda to hear how much Ethan had actually spent on the guitar.

After discovering just how much Ethan wanted to do for her, Linda’s resolution for leaving Ethan.
was drunk.

It wasnt the money Linda cared about. It was the heart of Ethan touched Linda.

” Why are you doing this?” Linda murmured as she considered Ethan with a complicated expression.
Ethan just grinned, “No matter. Compared to you, it’s nothing at all!”

Ethan’s words squeezed Linda’s heart. Tears were welling up in her eyes once again.

Yet Jennifer laughed at them.

” Haha … You got to be kidding me!” Jennifer sneered at Linda, “You believe his bullsh * t? 3
million bucks for a guitar? Please!”

” such a pair of morons! One is foolish enough to inform a lie like that, and the various other one is dumb
sufficient to think the lie!’ Jennifer chuckled extremely. She took Ethan’s words as a joke!

In her mind, Ethan would be poor for his whole life. He couldnt pay for anything glamorous. So
investing 3 million on a guitar was the last thing on earth Jennifer could believe.

Nonetheless, Jennifer’s efficiency was foreseeable to Ethan.

He had not been angry. Ethan checked out Jennifer and also said,”|don’t truly care if you believe me or
not. So you believe you are honorable and also abundant? To inform you the fact, you are nothing in my eyes.”

Ethan was leveling. He didnt assume Jennifer was someone deserving of his time and

Ethan put his arm around Linda’s shoulder and turned to leave.
What Ethan really did not recognize was that his straightforward worded aggravated Jennifer incredibly.
She blazed at Ethan, really feeling extremely degraded. Jennifer was furious,

She could not take the embarrassment from Ethan. Since in her mind, Ethan was intended to be
somebody for her ta laugh at.

However at this moment, she was the one being ridiculed by Ethan. Jennifer disliked the feeling.
Seeing Ethan was going to get away after embarrassing her, Jennifer was indignant.

” F * ck you, dare to poke fun at me!” Jennifer had a concept, “Three millian dollars guitar? Well, let’s discover

Jennifer discovered an iron pipe. She ran towards Ethan with the pipeline in her hand.

Ethan listened to the steps as well as passed on. Jennifer raised her hand as well as smashed the guitar with
the pipeline. “Bang!” The pipeline plerced with the guitar.

Ethan was shocked. Points occurred also sudden for him to respond.

Linda was likewise scared. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The 3 million dollars
guitar was poked a fist-sized opening.

“|intend to check if the guitar is actually three million dollars!” Jennifer checked out Ethan and also said

She threw out the pipe and took a look at Ethan.
Ethan’s face changed in a split second.
He had not been also going to keep saying with Jennifer, yet she had pressed means too much.

Not only had Jennifer doubted the credibility of the guitar, yet she also poked a hole in the

guitar. Her behavior finally got Ethan angry.

” Do you know what you just did?” Ethan wondered about Jennifer sternly.

Jennifer said proudly, “Poke a hole in your waste guitar! Do you believe|believe you paid 3.
million dollars for the guitar? Funny!”.

While talking, Jennifer obtained two one-hundred-dallar notes and also tossed them on Ethan’s face,.
” Below you are.|quess your guitar worth only a couple of 10s bucks however keep the modification,.
considering this as my contribution, and you rate!”.

Jennifer really felt completely satisfied. She gave Ethan another disdainful look and also looked to leave.

” Stop right there!” Ethan reprimanded. He pointed at the hole in the guitar as well as asked Jennifer, “Who.
said you could leave?”.

Jennifer sneered and said thoughtlessly, “What else? Wan na strike me? I’ll dare you!”.

Ethan gritted his teeth as well as gave up the idea of hitting her. He assumed that it was an embarrassment to.
himself if he hit a person like Jennifer.

He took a deep breath and also said to Jennifer,”|won’t touch you, but|infarm you that you need to pay.
me back things you destroyed and also apologize to me, or else …’.

Jennifer disturbed with rage, ‘Endanger me? That are you to threaten me?”.

Jennifer grinned disdainfully and also continued, “Pay you back? Haw do you mean|pay you back?
Do not request the tough say! Otherwise, I’ll reclaim both hundred dollars! Apologies? In your.

Jennifer sneered as well as left without looking back.
” She.” Seeing Jennifer was leaving, Linda was trying to quit her, but Ethan stopped Linda.

Ethan looked at Jennifer’s leaving as well as munmured with a grim smile, “Let’s wait and see”.

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