i have got a super rich dad chapter

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 326

Listening to words “make up for it”, Ethan’s mind was unnaturally thinking of other locations, as well as a foolish smile appeared on his face.

But after seeing Maggie considering her with a shocked expression, Ethan trembled her head promptly, chuckled in embarrassment, and asked, “Well … Where are you taking me? No, I’m in fact frightened. You are not satisfied!”

Yura smiled and also said to Ethan: “When it comes to where to go, I will maintain you secret first, however you can rest assured that it will surprise you during that time. This is an unbelievable chance. Take it well then?”

After speaking, Yura finished the call.

Ethan scraped his head. He really could not think of what Yura said, just how could it be a gold possibility? Where is this individual taking himself?

Ethan had just completed the call and idea for a while, but never ever considered what the various other event was talking about.

Maggie sent Ethan back to school and left.

There was no words for a day, as well as Ethan had actually intended to rest well the following early morning. Nevertheless, there have actually been a lot of current things, as well as he was actually tired.

In addition, Ethan had no class the following day, as well as both brothers in the dorm room likewise headed out early to play.

Ethan awakened as well as eyed the phone, and will go back to rest when he was gotten up by the phone.

The caller was Linda. Ethan sleepily responded to the phone. Before he can speak, he listened to Linda’s distressed voice coming by.

” Ethan, come on, something has taken place!”

Hearing what Linda stated, Ethan awakened fifty percent of the moment. He sprang up from the bed and asked nervously, “What’s the matter with Linda? What took place? Where are you? What’s wrong?”

Linda claimed anxiously: “Oh, it’s not me. I remain in the dormitory. I indicate Mira appears to be going to have glitch!”

Ethan frowned, “Mira? What’s wrong with her? Linda, don’t stress, inform me what happened?”

Linda sighed, and also hurriedly stated, “Oh, it’s unclear on the phone. Come downstairs in our dorm room. I’ll tell you personally!”

After talking, Linda finished the call.

Ethan scraped his head, swiftly put on his clothing, and walked downstairs to Linda’s dorm.

When Ethan got downstairs, he discovered that Linda was currently awaiting him, holding a kraft paper envelope in his hand, his face packed with anxiety.

” What’s wrong with Linda? What’s the matter!”

Linda shook his head, rips of nervous rips nearly drained, as well as handed the kraft paper envelope to Ethan, and stated: “Seek on your own, after I got up in the morning, Mira placed this on the head of my bed, I do not understand where I went.”

Ethan took the envelope as well as had a look, just to understand that there was a dwarf of cash and also a charge card within, as well as a white note was sandwiched in between the cash money.

Ethan obtained the note as well as saw a line created on it: “Linda, if I can not come back today, please provide this to my moms and dads and also tell them that I enjoy them …”.

Listening to the tone of the letter, it was nearly like a suicide note, as well as Ethan could not assist coming to be anxious.

” This … what does this imply? Where did she go?” Ethan asked.

Linda began weeping anxiously, as well as trembled his head and also said, “I don’t know. When I just awakened, I saw this. Mira’s bed was tidied up, as well as I do not understand where he went, Ethan, what should I do? Will something happen to Mira?”.

Ethan patted Linda on the shoulder, as well as fast comforted: “Don’t fret, Linda, it’s all right, don’t worry, I will definitely make her okay.”.

Ethan believed for a while, and also continued to ask: “Then she has anything uncommon in the past two days? Or did she say where she is going? You have the very best partnership with her, she must tell you!”.

Linda thought for a while, and fast said, “Oh, yes, when I came back yesterday, I saw some bruises on Mira’s body. I didn’t say it either.”.

Ethan frowned, and also continued to ask, “Exists anything unusual then?”.

Linda assumed for a very long time this moment, and all of a sudden stated, “I remember, not just Mira is missing in the bed room, Luna is also missing, both are gone so early, will certainly they go out with each other …”.

At this moment, Linda suddenly appeared to have thought about something dreadful, and instantly covered his mouth with his hand, and claimed in shock: “Mira … Mira will not entrust to … as well as Luna. Huh? If that holds true, after that it actually experiences …”.

When Linda stated this, the stress on his face can not aid but strengthen several times, practically sobbing.

Upon seeing this, Ethan asked incomprehensibly, “What took place to her going out with Luna? Don’t sob, Linda, what’s the issue?”.

Linda sobbed a couple of times, and hurriedly claimed all the things Luna had done before, and then stated: “I do not know what occurred to Mira just recently? It seems to be except cash, so I am afraid …”.

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