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I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 432

After saying this, Jennifer’s face virtually appeared to be grinning, as well as she appeared to be unhappy.

She seemed to really feel that she ultimately located a method to sanction Ethan.

Certainly, when the contract was signed, it was clearly written in black and white. If among the celebrations breached the agreement, after that they would need to pay three times the task cost unconditionally.

And this project cost with each other, but it sets you back more than 30 million, three times the job cost, but it is 100 million!

Jennifer didn’t think it, could Ethan freak out and also would certainly give up one hundred million to test herself?

If so, would not it be much better.

You know your very own decor company, this task is laborious, and it makes millions.

If Ethan is ready to pay liquidated damages, then he has done absolutely nothing. In the end, I obtained 100 million for nothing!

That’s a genuine profit!

You know, when the king’s family members is integrated with each other, the overall properties may not be as long as 100 million. If this is a 100 million at once, then I will invest it as I intend to?

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The more Jennifer thought about it, the extra stunning she really felt in her heart.

It’s as if that a person billion is currently at your fingertips.

What’s more, even if he could not get the 100 million in the end, Ethan and himself would have to restrain ultimately.

Anyhow, Jennifer knew quite possibly that she should be the only winner today.

What Ethan, what Pablo, it’s simply a lot of dirty money!

While thinking of it, Jennifer seemed to be a little proud.

She tilted her neck to check out Ethan, and said happily: “Well, do you still intend to drive our home out? Do you desire me to polish your shoes? you desire me to brighten your shoes? Yes, you Allowed’s get the 100 million sold off problems first!”

Jennifer really felt that after she had stated this, as long as Ethan was wise sufficient, she would most definitely be softened by herself.

Nevertheless, that would certainly have difficulty with cash?

She never anticipated that Ethan would simply grin faintly in the end, as well as there was a little bit of taunting in the giggling.

Then she listened to Ethan speak, “Oh, I desire a 100 million liquidated damage, right? okay, then I’ll give it to you, but what I don’t know is, I dare to provide it, do you dare to ask for it? ”

Ethan’s last sentence was cool, and also there was already a touch of cool in his words.

As well as Ethan’s tone has actually already clarified everything.

You Jennifer is also ignorant, you risk to utilize some bullshit sold off damages to blackmail me, you are purely seeking death by yourself!

Don’t you want money? After that I’ll give it to you, let me see, dare you request this cash today!

And even if you, a pig brain, attempt to hand this money, I do not believe it, your old man Pierre is equally as mentally disabled as you, risk to request this money?

This is really the like offering you a container of unmatched red wine. It feels like a great deal, yet do you understand what toxin is in this white wine?

Ethan looked at Jennifer with a sneer, awaiting the other celebration to give himself a response.

By now, Jennifer didn’t seem to have actually understood what Ethan meant, and she still thought that her so-called liquidated damages could really scare Ethan away

Jennifer stated disdainfully, “I’m afraid you don’t have that much cash! Give me the cash currently?

Jennifer looked straightforward and also positive, as if she really did not recognize that she was playing with fire.

Ethan really did not state a lot, he just nodded, considered Pablo, as well as said, “Mr Pablo, you heard that, now move the money to their firm’s accounts.”

Obviously, Pablo comprehended what Ethan implied. There was no nonsense, he simply responded heavily, and then he would secure his mobile phone to call his firm’s funds.

Of course, Pablo had thought of it. As long as he ended the monetary telephone call, the other party would quickly mobilize all the resources that Buckeye could make use of to totally obstruct the Wang family!

Attempt to yell Ethan, definitely can not let him leave to life!

Ethan didn’t describe these points, Pablo currently understood them.

Yet at this moment, Pierre rushed over immediately, ordering Pablo’s hand on the phone, as well as sweating profusely.

” What are you going to do?” Pablo screamed, as well as immediately made Pierre tremble.

But he still didn’t let go, and also shook his head repeatedly: “Do not battle Pablo, I beg you don’t fight.”

After that he stated to Ethan: I beg you, don’t, can’t I stoop down for you? I ask you to forgive me, Jiani is also young and reasonable, and encountered you. I. I apologize for her …”.

While speaking, Pierre thumped as well as stooped down, and directly pounded his head to the ground.

In this scene, Jennifer on the side was simply ridiculous.

What type of situation is this? My very own side is dominant, is my father dumb? Doing such an outrageous thing?

This is in broad daytime. Doesn’t he want to meet people in Buckeye in the future?

He is shameless, as well as think of how great he is?

Jennifer screamed angrily. “It’s not too humiliating, you large male, don’t you have any back?”.

Hearing this, Pierre increased his head and also blazed at his child fiercely, as well as shouted madly: “You stopped talking, you don’t understand what the sky is, you are about to eliminate your dad and our family, do not you recognize? Shut your mouth right away as well as stoop down for me!”.

Pierre reprimanded Jennifer while cleaning the sweat from his forehead, so worried.

Jennifer really did not recognize what Ethan and also Pablo meant, but he did.

That agrees to offer you liquidated problems, you are also ignorant, ideal?

Similar to Ethan claimed, individuals risk to give it to you, yet do you attempt to?

The answer is really clear, obviously I dare not ask for it, since if I request for the money, it is passing away, insane!

Jennifer doesn’t understand crap, truly think this money is so simple to get?

If you attempt to take the cash, you can make you die without recognizing exactly how to pass away when you turn around!

More probable, the call Pablo just wanted to make was not at all to make a transfer to Financing.

There is even a high possibility that Pablo’s telephone call is to utilize personal links.

At that time, the phone call was over, as well as soon as the connection began, even if it was Pablo that intended to stop, it could not be able to quit.

Back then, I truly didn’t understand how to die.

This is why Pierre simply grabbed Pablo’s hand and really did not let go.

Since he knew that as long as he let go, the only person that would certainly welcome him in the end would certainly be dead.

Pierre was even a little thankful. Recently, his eyesight was quick and also his hands fasted, and he conserved among his lives. If it was a second late as well as asked Pablo to call out, the consequences would certainly be unbelievable.

And just when Pierre considered this, he instantly heard Ethan beside him say: Head of state Wang, you have to be clear, this is not because I really did not give you a chance, I have given you a chance repetitively, however No other way, all the possibilities are wasted by your little girl!”.

Ethan removed his throat and claimed sternly: “Mr. Wang, do not refuse, I will certainly move the money to you!”.

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