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I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 449

Currently we are communicating with others, but the various other event appears to be really established. I asked them to provide a time restriction for work deduction. They said they were not certain.

” Uncertain?” Upon hearing this, Maggie all of a sudden understood the big picture.

If the various other event can offer himself a clear period of work stoppage, then this kind of work stoppage is understandable.

Nevertheless, the various other celebration thinks that there is a trouble with the quality of the task. As long as there is no worry in the assessment, the job can be reactivated.

Now that the other party is uncertain, it amounts investing eight hundred feet away in one stroke.

Eventually of work stoppage is additionally unpredictable, and also one year is likewise unclear. There is excessive water in it.

And also what makes Maggie really feel most odd is that the other celebration found herself at this time and also said that there was a problem with the high quality of your job. Undoubtedly, there was not only a complicated point, yet additionally a great deal of complicated.

After all, the father as well as child of the Chu household in front of them just concerned the door, and they disgusted themselves a whole lot. When they reversed, someone came below to momentarily put on hold deal with their task.

If there is no get in touch with, Maggie would certainly not believe it.

Besides, she is still questioning why the Chu family members, that had actually had the ability to establish the most dangerous in the first place, is now active once more, and has actually acquired a design installment business that is larger than its firm.

There need to be some mystical individual behind this, and also this mysterious person is most likely directly pertaining to the short-lived suspension of the task by the quality assessment department this moment.

Maggie considered for a moment, as well as replied: “You hold them initially, I’ll go back quickly.”

After talking, Maggie ended the call.

” What’s wrong with Maggie?” Ethan asked hurriedly.

As quickly as Maggie answered the phone, Ethan had already seen something was wrong.

” Something took place on the Chengnan project!” Maggie fast said the components of the previous phone call to Ethan.

She told Ethan concerning her thoughts once again.

” Youthful Master Ethan, I think there must be somebody else behind this event!”

Ethan could not assist however responded: “You and I considered going together. I additionally believe that somebody should be preparing a big game and also want to consume us all in one bite.”

Ethan sighed, as well as continued: “Allow’s go Maggie, let’s go and see, what type of jackal, tiger as well as leopard the other event is, you will know when you see it.”

After speaking, Ethan tipped outdoors as well as followed him, Maggie as well as the others hurriedly followed through.

Half a hr later on, Maggie was in a boardroom of the firm.

Currently, the conference room was divided into 2 groups. One team was Maggie’s juniors, all with austere expressions. Once in a while, someone considered the time and also murmured to ask why Maggie had not return.

Resting on the other side of these individuals is a team of individuals from the high quality inspection department.

These people kept their faces straight, with no expression in all.

These individuals were all dressed in taupe fits, however the one resting among the crowd, putting on a blue match, looked especially attractive.

” When will your supervisor come back?” Instantly, the man in the blue match asked, as well as delicately pushed the folder before him to the opposite of the negotiating table, with an austere expression, “If she still If you do not return, then please approve this short-lived suspension notification!”

As soon as this person said this, the team of Maggie’s juniors instantly ended up being ants on the warm pot one by one, scratching their heads as well as cheeks, looking at a loss.

Someone hurriedly stood up, enjoying the time, and also stated: “Wait, I believe it should be quickly. Mr. Ye simply went to discuss collaboration, the range is reasonably long, and he will most likely be back quickly.”

The man in the blue suit couldn’t assist however smiled, trembled his head and asked, “Isn’t this an excuse for you to postpone time? You simply claimed you will wait a while, however it’s currently half a hr, and also our time is really valuable, so This notice of short-lived suspension of job is your own. When it comes to when work can return to, wait for the notice.”

The other event talked without the smallest careless, nicely.

After talking, he stood up from his chair and also prepared to leave, and also the few people next to him fast rose at the same time, ready to leave.

This made Maggie’s males nervous.

Nevertheless, they were simply a group of subordinates, and could not be the master for Maggie at all.

This is a short-term suspension notification. If they accept it, it amounts consenting to the other party’s temporary suspension guideline. Even if Maggie uses the partnership to return to job, it will cause a great deal of difficulty.

As well as if they can not resume job, after that they’ll be a lot more guilty when they reverse. Almost all the mobsters are to be hung on their heads. Who made you get this notification to begin with?

Even though they were also splinted on both sides, they had no option however to go to the right and left, and also to postpone Maggie as much time as possible, so that Maggie could manage the issue by herself when she came back.

But right now, they appeared to be incapable to wait on Maggie ahead back, since they had actually already taken actions to leave.

The man in heaven fit headed out of his seat, prepared to go outside the meeting room.

And virtually currently, the door of the conference room was suddenly opened.

A voice came over coldly and also proudly: “Let me wait a minute!”

It was Maggie who was speaking, she hurriedly pushed in from outside the meeting room, as well as Ethan followed her.

As quickly as she saw Maggie coming back, every one of her subordinates seemed to have actually seen the backbone, and also they were all perturbed.

” Maggie, you ultimately came back.” A boy let out a lengthy sigh of relief, moving Maggie to check out individuals on the opposite side, as well as stated, “If you do not come back, we really can not hold it back.”

While he or she was speaking, he quickly quit his seat: “Maggie, sit down.”

At this time, the other people being in the chair, after seeing the young man’s movements, likewise rose as well as walked behind.

Behind Maggie is Ethan. Certainly, they know their identifications. With Ethan resting, where are they qualified to sit by the side?

Maggie additionally fast signaled Ethan to sit down, and then hurriedly considered the people on the contrary side that were about to leave, as well as claimed, “Excuse me, there was a traffic jam when traveling just now, and also I was late. May I ask what failed? Why did you bother? Let our project stop?”

Maggie really did not mean to ask well, she seemed to have an examining tone.

Maggie understood really well that the identities of these people were most likely clerks, and it was not his turn to treat them professionally.

Seeing this, these individuals appeared to be a little upset, so they really did not also relax to their positions.

The man in heaven match headed straight as well as said, “Hey, what’s the issue, do not you know it in your heart?”

” Nonsense, if I know, do I need to ask you?” Maggie unexpectedly returned coldly and claimed, “I wish the explanation you offered me today is reasonable, and also at the very least I can not choose a thorn. Yes, or else, don’t think of quiting today!”

Hearing that Maggie’s mindset was so tough, the few individuals could not help however summarize in a low voice, and after that relaxed in their seats.

The last person that talked was the man in heaven fit. He looked at Maggie with an indifferent expression as well as claimed, “Well, considering that you claimed that, then I will encourage you!”

While speaking, the man secured a paper documents from the folder he lugged with him as well as pushed it straight to Maggie, who was opposite the negotiation table.

” Enjoy it for yourself!”

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