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I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 457

Ethan as well as Maggie got to the building website really early, less than 7:30.

But however, a lot of individuals collected on the Chengnan project site at this time.

Some are professionals for engineering jobs, there are also media with 20 or 30 individuals, as well as some are third-party design quality evaluation agencies that Maggie has actually previously commissioned.

Right now, there were no less than a hundred people right here, and after Maggie’s Mercedes appeared, there was a tiny commotion in the team of ten individuals.

The contractors of those jobs couldn’t aid but begin speaking in low voices. Some people appeared a little worried, while others really did not.

After seeing Maggie’s auto, the media from all profession in the Buckeye River of 20 or 30 individuals hurried up. Before Maggie left the car, they had actually currently bordered her cars and truck.

” Bang …” Maggie got out of the cars and truck and slammed the door closed, and all the media began to hurry to ask inquiries.

” Ms. Ye, we currently understand that the top quality examination department has actually provided a short-lived suspension notice to the Chengnan job. It is claimed that there is a certification of unqualified high quality for a particular task. Is this real? Does that imply a sensation? The Chengnan job is experiencing an unprecedented dilemma?”

” Ms. Ye, does the Chengnan project really have high quality troubles? This is Buckeye’s most attractive project.

” I heard that the Chengnan task was funded by the Norman Family members from an overseas consortium. Are the reports true? Now that the quality of the Chengnan task has a trouble, can it be identified that the overseas Norman Household is preparing to get woollen on the Buckeye Flee? As a celebration, do I have any type of description?”

” Huh? Miss Maggie, who is this gent in your cars and truck? Is it also a person that is related to the high quality of this project? Or your boyfriend? Your guy is very young, he appears to be a pupil?, May I ask if there is a problem with the quality of the job this time, is it likewise pertaining to your over-investment in personal emotions and also oversight in the control of the project? Will you apologize for this issue?”

Although Ethan really did not leave the cars and truck, he had the ability to listen to the concerns from the media just now.

Ethan’s face was gloomy, and also he could not wait to curse these people directly.

There is no actual hammer on the matter right now, but these people have currently begun to make irresponsible statements, sprinkling unclean water on Maggie and the Chengnan Job, Ethan can not stand it anyway.

These people are truly despiteful enough. Originally, points weren’t as well large, yet if they all reported as they did, possibly the important things were severe, as well as a few of their concerns were clearly digging holes waiting on Maggie to leap.

Some people are even distorting the realities.

What is Maggie’s boyfriend? She overlooked to handle the job since she was with herself.

When these individuals said this, there were also noses and also eyes, as if he had actually seen it.

Ethan clenched his fist tightly, his face filled with rage, he can barely hurry to get out of the automobile and also most likely to these individuals for a theory.

But he still held back, due to the fact that Maggie had currently recognized him heading prior to.

Maggie appears to recognize these individuals effectively. She understands that these individuals will constantly dig pits for herself and frequently distort realities in order to attain the function of obtaining explosive information.

And also due to this, Maggie asked Ethan to stay in the vehicle as well as not go out.

Because Ethan’s experience with these people is truly dismal, maybe just because he was careless in a word, he was captured by the other party and then exaggerated and overemphasized the report.

If that held true, Maggie wouldn’t help even if she had the power of a fairy.

Instead, it was Maggie herself, encountering these individuals, she recognized their thoughts a very long time back.

Not just will she not be tired of coping, she recognizes just how to guide these people rather.

Outside the vehicle, Maggie waited until the noise of these people was quiet for a few mins before speaking.

” Everyone, you can talk nonsense concerning some things, however if you distort the report of the realities, I’m sorry, I will certainly ask an attorney to take care of you straight in court.” Maggie said loudly, “I will just state two points below today. 1. Our Chengnan job will not have this top quality issue in all. I can assure you that the present scenario is due to the fact that a person is making trouble behind it. When it comes to who it is, I will certainly find out and give you a response. Reasonable description.”

Maggie stopped briefly, and after that she claimed: “Second of all, the Chengnan project is certainly moneyed by Mr. Eric Norman, chairman of the overseas Shen Group, yet it is just financial support, task operation and management, and also the majority of the The capital expense is all done by our local business. In other words, the Chengnan task is Buckeye’s project. It is here and no person can take it away. It is even more unlikely that the cutting of leeks as well as woollen will take place. I ask everyone to place a hundred hearts on it.”

Maggie turned her head as well as considered Ethan in the auto, and also finally claimed, “The one in the auto is just a buddy of mine. I wish that everybody will certainly not be tempted, or else I will ask my legal representative to speak to him concerning this.”

After Maggie claimed a couple of easy words, everybody present all of a sudden came to be peaceful a great deal.

After all, Maggie had simply place the ugly words on the front, and if they risked to report wanton, then it would be a lawsuit.

These individuals are simply to gain focus, as well as there is no requirement to take such a large danger for a headline news.

” Then Miss Maggie, might I ask you to pack a ticket, stating that there is absolutely nothing incorrect with the top quality of the Chengnan job under your business?” Unexpectedly a media person asked once more.

As soon as he or she stated this, mostly all the media present began to follow suit as well as questioned with each other.

Maggie pondered for a moment, increased her head seriously, as well as said loudly, “Certainly, I can guarantee!”

Maggie had simply finished saying these words, as well as the twenty or thirty media contrary her shot as well as videotaped Maggie with spears.

Many people rushed to transcribe words in their note pads.

This is equal to Maggie’s promise.

Since she has actually assured that the Chengnan task will not have any issues, naturally these individuals are eager to see how it turns out.

However currently, in the presence of the group, a voice suddenly came over, as well as the dozens of media immediately transformed their eyes once again.

” Ho ho, I informed you the other day, do not state it so dead, do not claim it so early, the result hasn’t come out yet, do you understand what the result is?”

When the voice came, the group promptly gave up a flow to allow the person in.

Instantly after that, a group of a loads individuals strolled in straight from outside the crowd.

And the leader was the man in heaven suit. He still hasn’t changed his clothes today. He still uses a blue match, however his head is obtaining brighter, and the look on his face is getting extra proud.

The a lot more happy the various other celebration was, the a lot more absurd Maggie felt.

” The result? Obviously I understand.” Maggie said coldly.

The various other party crinkled his lips and stated with an appearance of antipathy: “Okay, after that wait and see!”

After talking, the man in heaven suit swung to the loads individuals he had actually brought, as well as stated, “Okay, allow’s start work!”

” Hang on!” Suddenly, Maggie heckled the other celebration.

” Are you doing something?” The man in the blue fit frowned and took a look at Maggie, “Why, you need to slip up? You asked for a job top quality evaluation. Could it be that you have changed your mind now?”

Maggie directed to a loads people aside, as well as claimed, “This is the third-party testing firm I invited. You stated it was up to requirement. I have actually welcomed them currently.

Maggie also kept a hand, which truly surprised the man in the blue fit, as well as his face instantaneously became dismal.

He took a look at Maggie coldly, all of a sudden waited.

Maggie additionally sneered and claimed, “Why, are you frightened? There is media here. If you can not agree with my request, what is your trustworthiness?”

” I.” The man in the blue suit appeared to intend to state something, however he transformed his head and also eyed the dozens or twenty shots that shot at him, and suddenly hesitated once more.

” You can!” the other party stated any which way.

He could not help sighing in his heart, he still towered above Maggie.

And currently Maggie has said so, so if she differs, undoubtedly she will certainly be made difficult by these media to ask inquiries first, and then just how they intend to compose, I do not know.

The man in the blue match waited for a moment, took a look at the media, as well as could only nod his head: “Okay, yes!”

Prior to Maggie was happy, she saw the various other party sneer at herself: “Do not be as well happy of on your own. What is the end outcome? Currently everybody does not understand!”

After speaking, the man in the blue fit waved his hand again, and also his loads or two assessors each brought their very own tools as well as began to function.

The boss of the third-party testing firm Maggie invited likewise asked Maggie in a low voice, and after that turned around to let her individuals go to function.

The next thing to do is to wait.

Maggie was not extremely nervous, since besides, Ye Kira was accountable for this issue, and also she completely trusted her sibling.

It’s simply that Ethan in the cars and truck seemed to be a little unclear, got out of the car uneasy, and also saw nearby every now and then.

At this moment, Dave, that got on the side, took a look at Ethan once in a while, as if he had something to say, but he quit talking.

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