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I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 458

Actually, Dave had actually been right here early in the early morning.

Behind him are loads of specialists for huge and also small Chengnan projects.

Pertaining to today’s occasions, Dave had recognized for a very long time that there would be such a day, and in fact, he also understood some even more unidentified secrets.

It’s just that currently he doesn’t want to say it.

Dave checked out Ethan as well as could not help sighing in his heart. He still had a trace of compassion in his heart, but he cared extra concerning his life and also death than compassion.

He in fact wanted to advise Ethan two words, however when words concerned his lips, he really did not have the courage to claim them.

He understood effectively that at the scene today, there should be individuals from the Xu household, as well as even individuals behind the Xu household.

And also if you act crazily, not only will it not be valuable to look back, yet you will certainly likewise experience therefore.
” Hey …” Dave sighed heavily, but selected to shut his mouth.

At this moment, he has no space free of charge choice.

Regarding 2 hours later, the men in the blue matches all returned.

They have taken examples from numerous parts of the engineering project, as well as the following step is to carry them back for screening.

The third-party screening agency seems to have finished tasting.

The man in heaven match stalked Maggie, sneered, and stated, “Miss Maggie, since the sample is ended up, we will take it back for the examination first, ho ho, are you nervous now? Are you excited to know? The result?”

Maggie’s face was tranquil as well as tranquil, as well as she really did not seem to appreciate the other celebration’s justifications. She just sneered as well as claimed, “Ho ho, nervous? I have already promised that there will certainly be not a problem with the Chengnan project. Why should I be nervous? I recommend you Let’s think about it on your own as well as discuss to everyone later on. If there is no worry with the examination results, just how do you wish to clarify the unqualified concrete grade evaluation before?”

The various other celebration crinkled his mouth, seemingly a little miserable, flipped his sleeves away, as well as lastly claimed, “Then you do not need to take care of it. I advise you to think about exactly how to end the following situation, due to the next thing., I presume it will be enjoyable!”

Maggie claimed, “At three o’clock in the afternoon, I will certainly hold a press seminar at Empire Resort. I wish you can bring your test results with you. At that time, everyone will certainly introduce the outcomes to the public with each other, yet it does not matter if you do not come, due to the fact that if you don’t come, after that no one in Buckeye will think you anymore, since individuals will just believe that the supposed Chengnan Task High quality concerns are all your talks.

After speaking, Maggie’s mouth showed a smug look.

Currently, she is neither terrified of the other celebration not coming, nor is she scared of the various other celebration pertaining to the press meeting.

If they do not come, then obviously, the outcome will certainly be like what Maggie claimed recently. These individuals will become rats going across the street in Buckeye. Not just will no one think them, yet they will feel that they are intentionally developing the South City task. In the future, any kind of firmness and also accreditation provided by them will lose their reliability.

And also if they came, it would be extra intriguing. Maggie wished to see how this person would respond to the questions from the media.

Due to the fact that they claimed prior to that the Chengnan job has high quality issues as well as needs to be momentarily put on hold. Now this matter is raving, everybody needs to know whether the Chengnan project actually has high quality issues.

And Maggie is persuaded that there will be not a problem with the examination results this time around, so that the unpleasant male is the man in the blue match.

Exactly how should he respond to other individuals’s concerns? Exactly how would certainly he explain the unqualified design top quality appraisal certification they released prior to?

Certainly, he couldn’t explain it at all, as well as the a lot more he couldn’t describe it, the more enjoyable it was.

Maggie took a look at each other and grinned, and also asked, “Why, do not you attempt ahead?”

The various other party hesitated for a moment, as well as couldn’t assist but crinkle his lips in antipathy: “Don’t dare? Hohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? Don’t lift up a rock as well as struck yourself in the foot at the end, I’ll be really interested regarding just how you will end up!

After speaking, the other party shouted up to the sky for some time, took a dozen of his males into numerous black cars and trucks one after another, and afterwards drove away.

Maggie also sneered and took a look at the auto that was going away, her eyes instantly sharpened.

” Ho ho, lift a rock as well as hit on your own in the foot? Is this describing yourself?” Maggie whispered to herself.

As soon as these people left, a number swiftly walked over from the side.

He or she is a member of Bouquet’s group, a group leader, as well as Maggie contacted us to keep track of those individuals.

” Did they make any other tiny activities recently?” Maggie asked swiftly.

What Maggie has constantly bothered with is that these people will privately play methods or replace the samples they take.

So she initially employed a person from Lei’s team to monitor them, as well as later found the third-party screening firm.

Naturally, Maggie was likewise terrified that this third-party screening company would be infiltrated, so she continued to state to the Bouquet group, “You will certainly return with them later on as well as see the screening procedure the entire procedure.”

The man responded his head greatly, looked back at the dozen or two juniors behind him, walked over and got something in a low voice, and afterwards followed the individual from the third-party examination agency right into the cars and truck.

Hereafter, it was almost sure-fire, and even if the other celebration wanted to play tricks, there was nothing to do.

Maggie turned into the cars and truck, and Ethan had already returned to the vehicle right now, however there seemed to be some worry on her face.

” Why, are you still anxious?” Maggie asked with a smile.

Ethan trembled his head: “No, it’s not worried, yet I really feel … I always feel like something is going to happen.”

Ethan sighed, scratched his head as well as said, “Hey, perhaps I believe excessive. Since I have reached this factor, what else can happen? Let’s go.”

Maggie responded, began the car, as well as left the building website straight.

The two went straight to Realm Resort, and when they reached Empire Hotel, Pablo had currently personally welcomed them at the entry of the hotel.

” Welcome, welcome, welcome to Mr. Ethan and Miss Maggie.” Pabloyi said with a respectful smile.

Pablo was extremely polite to Ethan at any moment, Ethan additionally grinned at the opposite and provided a straightforward greeting.

Quickly later on, Maggie asked, “Exactly how are the preparations for journalism conference?”

Pablo promptly ended up being severe when he heard words, and said, “Miss Maggie, you are virtually all set. Don’t worry. This time, I nearly called all the media that Buckeye might call, as well as I was dragging the primary in the district. The media is right here too, ho ho, when that happens, I will see exactly how those men end up!”

Maggie nodded when she listened to words, seeming to be pleased with Pablo’s preparations: “Okay, after that take me and Ethan Norman to see.”

Pablo quickly nodded, as well as reached out to ask Ethan as well as Maggie to stroll in front of their heads. He also ran three steps in two steps, leading them to the meeting hall.

The meeting hall was momentarily renovated as a banquet hall. Qiaosan asked him to replace all the banquet tables as well as replaced them with rows of chairs. In front of the area, there were a row of tables, and numerous staff members were erecting them. Microphones as well as various other devices.

Ethan as well as Maggie took a look around in the seminar hall. The last nodded in satisfaction, provided a quick order, as well as mosted likely to relax in the side hall beside Ethan.

Near noontime, Ethan had lunch, and after that Pablo asked him to visit the guest room to rest for some time.

Just half a hr before the opening of the specific interview did Ethan go downstairs.

When Ethan pertained to Yikou’s conference hall, he recognized that the big meeting hall was currently filled with people.

The majority of them are media, a few of them are establishing their own setups, as well as a few of them are talking about and also composing.

Ethan really did not pay attention thoroughly, yet he might think of it. What these individuals talked about should be connected to the Chengnan job.

Ethan browsed, he looked around and discovered Maggie in a corner.

At this moment, Maggie was talking quietly with a few individuals, and also she looked a little nervous.

Seeing Ethan, she hurriedly stretched out her hand and also called Ethan over.

” What’s wrong with Maggie?” Ethan asked.

Maggie sighed for a long time and also said, “Youthful Master Ethan, it seems that something failed …”.

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