i have got a super rich dad chapter

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 493

Ethan saw that the woman secretary’s anxious expression recognized that something should have happened again.

There have actually been too several points in the previous couple of days, as well as Ethan has actually long been utilized to it.

Anyway, it’s currently similar to this now, Ethan can already understand the sentence: If there are too many lice, do not be afraid of attacking, what kind of mood it is.

Ethan responded, fast reversed to take the layer, and complied with the women secretary to Maggie’s workplace.

Currently, there were several people standing in Maggie’s office, and all of them looked austere, as if something terrible had happened.

Seeing Ethan coming, Maggie stood up and stated, “I overlooked!”

” What’s wrong?” Ethan asked with a frown.

Maggie sighed and also said, “Do you remember that Dave claimed yesterday that he was going to sue us for not paying for the task?”

Ethan responded, not too surprised: “He did sue us?”

Maggie nodded, however drank her head fast: “I have actually reported, however the issue is even more significant than I assumed, due to the fact that I initially assumed that even if Dave sue us, it does not matter, nevertheless, as long as we don’t take legal action against, or drag on. This matter, then this issue is nothing to worry about.”

” But something unanticipated occurred, right?” Ethan seemed to understand what Maggie would certainly say following.

Maggie nodded: “To my surprise, Dave told us on the front foot. We received a message early in the morning stating that our financial institution job was iced up.”

” What?” Ethan believed this was a little strange, “How is it possible? Even if I don’t recognize this, but I likewise understand that even if it’s a program, it will certainly take a while. Just how could it be that they just informed me, right here? Has the checking account been frozen? Isn’t this according to the process?”

Maggie helplessly spread her hands: “Yet this is the case. Obviously, everyone knows that this is not in compliance with the policies and procedures. I likewise swiftly sent out someone to speak to the bank as well as the Buckeye lawful division, yet the various other party not just handed us a subpoena, There was no response, and we refused to answer any one of our inquiries.”

This message actually made Ethan feel a little stunned. Although he had experienced so many things nowadays, he already had some resistance in his heart, but he was still stunned by the message.

Besides, who could have thought that the other celebration did points so terribly therefore horrible!

Ethan clinched his clenched fists, gritted his teeth as well as claimed, “This is too damn hideous, appropriate?”

” Right!” Ethan suddenly remembered something, and also fast asked, “Are all our funds frozen?”

Ethan hoped that Maggie as well as herself would offer an adverse response, but in the end he was very dissatisfied.

” All funds must be placed in the very same account. This is the company’s regulations.” Maggie claimed, “As well as even if they are positioned in different accounts, it will not assist, since also my personal account has currently been iced up. They do points. It’s really outright, clearly that had considered as well as this example, ho ho …”.
Maggie patted her forehead, her expression aggravated.

And currently, one of the youths standing below instantly claimed, “After that … Sis Maggie, exactly how are we mosting likely to manage the people in the reception room?”.

Maggie really did not say a word, she strolled to the home window alone as well as lit a cigarette, appearing to be considering a method to handle it.

Ethan fast asked, “That remains in the living-room?”.

The boy hurriedly bowed to Ethan and said softly, “Ethan, you do not understand anything. Simply half a hr earlier, we simply received info concerning the financial institution’s cold of accounts, followed by several of our previous ones. The partner concerned the door, let us promptly pay back the deal amount.”.

How could there be such a coincidence? Obviously, it was considered.

Ethan lastly understood why Maggie was so frowning, since the room leaked in the evening rainfall, and also every little thing rushed together. It was just unusual that Maggie was in a good mood.

Ethan shook his head and asked the young man: “How much is the total quantity?”.

” The money is very little, only three hundred million, but … But we really can’t get the money now.” The young man sighed, “And also the various other celebration said that if we don’t settle the transaction today, then we According to the agreement, we need to pay people ten times the liquidated problems, which is 3 billion with rate of interest …”.

” So much?” Ethan could not help taking a breath.

Of course, he really did not desire that he had a lot money, as a result of short-lived problems, and also turned his head back to repay others ten times the liquidated problems.

As well as although the amount of sold off damages is massive, because they are all written in black and white on the contract, there is nothing they can do.

Dave unilaterally sued him, and he had the ability to freeze his bank account. If these three hundred million creditors additionally sue himself with the agreement, wouldn’t it be dead?

Ethan couldn’t help feeling a little bit distressed. He hurriedly looked at Maggie who was standing by the window cigarette smoking a cigarette. Right now, she had actually already smoked half of her cigarette, yet her expression was still strained.

” Sister Maggie, do you have a method?” Ethan unexpectedly asked.

Maggie finally reacted and trembled her head silently.

When Ethan saw this, he couldn’t assist sighing, as well as stated, “Or I will mortgage the Haisheng No. 1 Yard to those individuals initially, first to solve the urgent requirement, et cetera, allow’s slowly consider a service.”.

Maggie listened to words and also ejected the cigarette in her hand, and fast claimed, “No, no, that’s your own point, I don’t agree!”.

Maggie walked over to Ethan while speaking.

Before she finished her words, a loud voice came from outside her workplace: “We also don’t agree!”.

As soon as the voice dropped, four or five people strolled in promptly from outdoors, all apparently miserable.

As soon as these individuals got in the door, they stood opposite Ethan. Several individuals provided each various other looks, and also ultimately the overweight middle-aged men who were not high at the head began to speak, “Ho ho, Ethan Norman, are you worried? Do not you assume of us as beggars?

Quickly, the few people behind he or she promptly agreed: “Yes, do not believe we do not understand. Now that your funds have been frozen by the bank, the ghost understands when you can thaw it? That knows whether you will not? Will it declare bankruptcy because of this? Do not talk regarding it, just pay it back!”.

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