i have got a super rich dad chapter

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 53

Ethan was stunned. He hanged his hand in the air as well as asked, “What is it?”

Linda said,”

assumed that we coincided kind of people. simply discovered yesterday simply exactly how incorrect was.’

Linda waited for a moment and continued,” and also assumed you were fictitious. Ask forgiveness to you.”

Ethan smiled and also claimed, “Why? We are good friends.

me, Everyone who doesn’t know my genuine Identification does that, You don’t have to …”.

” No!” Linda disrupted,” once again.

Ethan was stunned. “Why?”.

Linda smiled coldly as well as said, “Why?

bad. How do you think we can be close friends? To tell you what,

hate rich people like you.””.

” Why?” Ethan frowned.

Linda looked barren. She sighed, “People like you will never appreciate other individuals. To inform.

you the reality, my papa is a person like you. He deserted my mama after learning she was.

expectant with me. Do you believe that I’ll permit people like you to be in my life?”.

Hearing this, Ethan felt that he had actually been wronged.

It’s unfair ta believe that will certainly act like your father!

Linda didn’t provide Ethan a possibility to explain, and she continued, “hope that you can stay away.

from me. I do not intend to get entailed with anything around you abundant individuals, such as this.’.

Linda resorted to leave after completing her words. She suddenly quit and also transformed to Ethan.

and also sald, “Please don’t come ta find me any longer.”.

And then she ran out of the area, leaving Ethan with confusion.

He didn’t understand why Linda’s mindset transformed so considerably after recognizing Ethan was from.

an abundant family members.

Ethan could not figure out what’s going on with Linda, He discovered Linda’s words didn’t make sense.

Nick quickly rose and also chased her, yet when Ethan was out, Linda had gone away.

He just saw Maggie, with her hands crossed before her upper body, staring at Ethan any which way.

” Where … where did she go?” Asked Ethan.

” She’s left’ Maggie stated.

Ethan will follow when Maggie stepped him.

” Let It go. If you can make her adjustment her mind, she won’t inform you those words in the first place!”.

Maggie approached Ethan and claimed, “know you like her, yet she does not belong to your world.

You 2 will certainly never be with each other. Be practical!”.

Maggie’s words seemed to convince Ethan.

He sighed as well as assumed, “It holds true. Pursuing her wouldn’t make any type of difference if she has actually made.

up her mind.”.

Ethan noticed that perhaps what Linda said was not all true. There have to be some reasons behind.


Or probably Linda was leveling about her daddy. However did she truly believe that Ethan.

would certainly make the same blunder as belong that he is?

Ethan sighed greatly. He strolled back to the space ponderously.

Considering the back of Ethan, Maggie likewise sighed. She can see that Ethan was actually interested.

in Linda.

Yet she could not do anything regarding it. It was Ethan’s daddy’s idea to make Linda claim those.

words. He opposed them to be with each other.

Maggie drank her head. She knew that Eric had no choice but to do sa.

It took Eric greater than twenty years to be where he was, as well as he was about to attain his grand.

plan. Eric was carefully cautious about every aspect of his life.

That included who Ethan was with. Eric had to beware regarding the person Ethan was close.


After all, whatever Eric was doing, he did it far Ethan. Eric didn’t desire his efforts to be in vain.

Maggie stopped for a moment as well as was about to go comforting Ethan. She turned her head as well as.

saw Mr. Paker approaching her quickly.

” What’s wrong?” Maggie frowned and asked.

‘ I have actually found him. The one who beat Mr. Ethan!”.

” Great, are your men heading over? Be careful when you do it.’.

Mr. Paker nodded and also swiftly took out his phone.

In a house near Buckeye College campus, a couple of young men were drinking beer and.

playing pokers.

A young man stated, “F ** k you! What did you guarantee us yesterday? You claimed you would certainly get us that.



You need to make up for us!”.

” Yes. Didnt you fool thousands of dollars out of her? Take those out as well as acquire us some girls …”.

They were talking as well as laughing, staring at the guy with gauze twisted around his head.

I have actually invested all the f * king money. *.

This person was Nick. Prior to he can complete his wards, a person banged on the door.

Everyone considered each other in discouragement, “That comes right here in the daytime?

” Someone’s girl?’.

Nick scolded, “Cut the fucking sh * t out. Go obtain the f ** king door!”.

As he spoke, Nick got up for the door.

He opened the door and stated, “That are you searching for …”.

He was stunned by the individual exterior.

Standing exterior was a six-foot-tall large person. He was using a set of sunglasses. He looked.

down at Nick and asked in a low voice, “Are you Jack Campbell?”.

Nick frowned and also stated without hesitation, “Yes, who are you?”.

The large male smiled and also suddenly took out an iron baseball bat from behind him. “I’m looking.

for you!”.

Nick was stunned. He attempted to escape.

Yet prior to he could make a move, he felt a breeze behind his head and after that a strike on his back.

Nick was torn down on the floor.

” Ouch … Who are you? Why did you strike me?” Nick took a look at the large man with anxiety.

The man had no face. Swing the bat, he said, “Do you know who did you mess.


The large man swang the bat at Nick’s shin …

” Ah …

Nick cried out loud. He rolled around the flooring out of discomfort.

His leg was certainly curved.

Listening to the noise, the other people rushed out. They were stunned by what they were seeing.

” Hey, what are you doing?”.

The man passed on as well as took a look at them with a sneer. “What am

The man aimed his bat at Nick’s other leg. Nick screamed badly. His other leg was broken.

after one strike …

The various other individuals were petrified by the scene. They were viewing Nick being beaten up but didn’t.

dare to move.

The man lifted the bat once again. Before he swang it down, his cellular phone unexpectedly called.

He grabbed the phone, a voice from the opposite side claimed, “That suffices, mission.


The man responded to and hung up the phone. He smiled coldly at Nick and also said, “You’re lucky.

I was aiming at your head!”.

As quickly as the man completed his words, a siren was heard from outside.

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