i have got a super rich dad chapter

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 674

Upon hearing this, Lin Yan looked at Ethan in surprise as well as stated, “Truly, you concur?”

” It is claimed that the face of a lady remains in April. If you claim it alters, it will alter. Today I am considered a master, master!”

Ethan watched Lin Yan jokingly and also stated, “Really, yet there is something to be stated first, when you assume the dilemma is over, we will break the marital relationship contract at that time.”

Lin Yan felt a little dissatisfied when she heard this, but she still forced a smile and also said, “Okay, you believed I would certainly marry you, huh!”

Ethan considered Lin Yan as well as smiled and also said, “If you truly marry me, I’m still stressed over whether I can manage you. Don’t neglect that I have already invested 5 million for you.”

Lin Yan narrowed her mouth and obtained a card from her bag, then commended Ethan as well as stated, “Hey, this is 5 million. My grandfather asked me to give it to you.”

Then Lin Yan stated while consuming dessert, “The situation of our Lin family has passed throughout this time period. Don’t request for the 50 million you located for me last time. From now on, there will certainly be regular earnings sharing every month. An account.”

Ethan was stunned when he heard this, and afterwards trembled his head with a wry smile as well as picked up Ka to talk: “Do not you wonder why I have a lot cash?”

Lin Yan checked out the dessert on the table nonchalantly as well as said, “Is there anything to appreciate? Every person has some secrets, right?”

After saying this, Lin Yan couldn’t aid reasoning: It’s as if I’m being in front of you, however you don’t recognize that I like you.

Ethan checked out Lin Yan for some time, after that responded with a wry smile, “You will most definitely be an excellent other half in the future.”

Lin Yan was stunned by a sentence that Ethan all of a sudden bulged, and afterwards she elevated her head to take a look at Ethan, her face blushing.

After the two checked out each other for some time, Ethan’s face reddened subconsciously. Just as they both looked at each other in a daze, the phone on Ethan’s body instantly rang as well as woke them up.

He took out the phone and also checked the number. It was a call from the health center.

So he promptly linked and also said, “What’s wrong, exists glitch in the medical facility?”

Seeing Ethan answering the phone, Xiaoli fast stated, “No, Sibling Norman, the medical facility suddenly pertained to an emergency department, which was very troublesome. Both Doctor Xu as well as Physician Xu couldn’t do it. The director told me to call you back soon.!”.

After hearing this, Ethan glanced at Lin Yan, and then replied: “Okay, I see, it will certainly be there in 20 mins, you have my things prepared.”.

After speaking, he ended the call, and then Ethan took a look at Lin Yan with a wry smile and also stated, “It appears that this can just be done today. Can you send me back to the medical facility?”.

Lin Yan frowned as well as meditated for a moment and claimed, “It’s a little bit troublesome to reach the hospital from Xincheng Roadway in 20 mins, but it’s okay. I know a small roadway will absolutely come!”.

After saying this, Lin Yan ordered Ethan’s hand, led him and also ran downstairs, and then hurriedly increased.

Ethan had always assumed that words female chauffeur was equivalent to awesome, yet after enjoying Lin Yan’s calm operation, he needed to rearrange the principle of this word.

After arriving at the entryway of the medical facility, Ethan turned his head to take a look at Lin Yan with a boring expression.

” I constantly believed that the women vehicle driver was a road killer, yet today I need to restructure my impacts of the word, you are a determined for a road awesome!”.

God knows exactly how Lin Yan came below, Ethan can promise.

If everyone can hold 5 vehicle driver’s licenses, after that even if there are 10, Lin Yan is inadequate to deduct points!

Lin Yan enjoyed Ethan hurriedly leave the cars and truck as well as opened up the auto window a little disappointed and shouted, “Hey, I just sent you back from Xincheng Roadway in 20 mins, can not you be a little grateful to me?”.

And also Ethan, who had actually currently gone far, extended his hand and also waved when he heard this, “Thank you for not killing!”.

Individuals when traveling checked out Ethan, and afterwards considered Lin Yan with scary, as if they hesitated that Lin Yan would inadvertently hurt Lin Yan by utilizing the brake as the accelerator!

After Ethan went back to the healthcare facility, nurse Xiaoli rapidly strolled up with the medical record sheet and said, “The patient was sent 40 mins back. After seeing Dr. Xu as well as Dr. Ren, he merely managed it, however there was no cure.”.

Ethan had a look at the medical record as well as claimed, “Exists any information on what the individual consumed? Severe health problems are mostly brought on by international items.”.

Xiaoli shook her head a little and then claimed: “No, when the person was delivered, it was provided by a passerby. It is unclear if he had consumed anything before.”.

Hearing this, Ethan frowned a little. Taking into consideration that life refers life, Ethan attacked his head.

After going into the emergency clinic, Ethan took a look at the client who contained tubes as well as frowned, “What is going on? Has the reason been found out?”.

When the active registered nurses around heard this, he shook his head a little. Doctor Ren, that was debugging the machine, listened to Ethan’s words.

He quickly turned around as well as took a look at Xiang Ethan: “You ultimately came back! The patient is currently encountering multiple body organ failure, as well as the details reason is never located, and also there is no time to find it!”.

Ethan frowned and also extended his hand to take the pulse for the individual, after that looked at Dr. Ren and also hurriedly stated, “Rush and also obtain me three cardiotonics, I’ll utilize them soon!”.

Doctor Ren provided a wry smile and barked in reply: “The cardiotonic in the hospital was initially a limited thing. I have actually already made use of two for him prior to!”.

Hearing this, Ethan had a migraine, and then he meditated for a moment and stated, “All of you head out, just leave it to me to manage it right here. Head out and also go out!”.

Physician Ren as well as the others looked at Ethan with a dull expression, and said in disbelief, “Are you sure you can manage it?”.

Ethan responded slightly, then eyed the time in his hand and also replied, “Trust me, even if I can not handle a mishap, it would be an advantage for you, isn’t it?”.

Doctor Ren fell silent when he heard this, so he took individuals out of the emergency clinic, and did not fail to remember to close the door before leaving.

After enjoying them all left, Ethan fast reduced the drapes, then switched on the light in the emergency room and also closed his eyes to check out Shang Dian.

Ethan simply took the pulse, although nothing was discovered.

He recognized that the other party needs to have consumed some food that hedged by error, so it came to be like this.

Traditional therapy methods are no longer valuable. It would certainly be too late to treat the client with multiple instruments in accordance with the physician’s method to keep vital indications.

Thinking about this, Ethan had to place all his hopes on Shang Dian, as long as Shang Dian had an unique medication, the patient in front of him would be saved!

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