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I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 676

After understanding this, he transformed his head and also looked at Ethan, who was standing next to the medical facility bed with something composed on the medical record in his hand.

With short hair, a straight face, and also a set of square glasses, he doesn’t look like a good person.

What’s even more serious is that Ethan is creating something on the medical record currently while considering him every so often.

He smiled as well as stated, “, hehe, doctor, you see, I am in my 30s, but I can not stand your scare.”

Ethan rolled his eyes at him, then tossed the medical record on him and also said unceremoniously: “I heard that you are from a pharmaceutical business, after that you need to be clear about the process and create your name on it.”

Every person is born challenging, life is just when, Ethan has constantly done not like people who are irresponsible to his life.

For that reason, the middle-aged guy with the round face in front of him that is somewhat fat and also with a belly has no good feelings at all.

Seeing that the various other celebration had composed his name on it, Ethan took a look at the medical record, then frowned and claimed, “Zhou Hongqi? What do your moms and dads think?”

Seeing this name, Ethan nearly burst out laughing.

And also Zhou Hongqi wrinkled a bitter face as well as shook his head: “My moms and dads are more patriotic. You can call me Fatty Zhou. If I concerned the medical facility to supply you with medicine, why did I pass out?”

Fatty Zhou had not realized that he had walked around the ghost gate, if it had not been for Ethan ahead back in time.

And if he found that prescription, I hesitate he would have ended up playing such as this in his life.

Ethan checked out the method Fatty Zhou really did not observe his physical problem, so he sighed and trembled his head.

” If you actually pale, it’s fine. You ‘d much better take a holiday and also adjust your situation a bit recently, otherwise I can conserve you when, but I might not conserve you a 2nd time.”

Listening to these words, Fatty Zhou took a look at Ethan and also his face paled: “This, this, what the hell is wrong with me, what does this suggest?”

When he claimed this, Fatty Zhou looked frightened, and checked out Ethan tremblingly, for anxiety of listening to some trouble.

Ethan took a look at him as well as laughed twice and afterwards said: “Do not stress, it’s not that major currently, yet if you continue to function so hard, the issue will be larger.”

Fatty Zhou looked at Ethan, and saw that his face didn’t look like a joke, so he sighed while lying on the medical facility bed.

” I do not want to be like this either, yet that makes me a supervisor? It matters not if I run around daily, I have to socialize with people.”

After claiming this, he pointed to the fit on his body as well as smiled bitterly: “You see that I look like a canine, yet I do not know that I am extra exhausted than a canine.”

Ethan really did not trouble to appreciate these points in all. That in this globe lives still has no trouble.

If you actually count it, these things of Zhou Fatty are even worse than the important things that he is lugging.

Thinking of this, Ethan shook his head and gave an admonition prior to leaving, yet asked Xiaoli to care for it as long as feasible.

Don’t let Fatty Zhou rise and also walk around at will. He is not fretted about Fatty Zhou’s accident. He is simply fretted that the health center will be accountable if he falls under the hospital.

Seeing what Ethan stated prior to leaving, Zhou Fatty put his middle finger up at Ethan with outrage, but he obtained Ethan’s eye.

After Ethan left, Fatty Zhou checked out Xiaoli as well as said, “Hey, Xiaoli, that man is a newbie to your health center just now, why I haven’t seen him before?”

Xiaoli considered Fatty Zhou with a helpless sigh, then drank her head as well as replied: “Uncle Zhou, if you do not listen, I don’t wish to attend your funeral.”

Fatty Zhou usually came to this healthcare facility to make up medications. After coming and going, he obtained acquainted with Dean Jiao and others, and also he was likewise accustomed to Xiaoli.

In order to enhance his efficiency and boost his treatment, he even established a sibling partnership with Dean Jiao.

Due to this, Physician Ren put down his body as well as begged Ethan to conserve him.

Fatty Zhou considered Xiaoli’s defenseless face and also smiled, and then stated thoughtfully: “I was confused and remembered that I had something to consume alcohol and after that I awakened.”

Xiaoli responded when she heard the words: “Obviously, the prescription given by Bro Norman is a golden sign, and he even understands exactly how to make use of the life-saving needle and also the fire-passing technique that have actually been shed for a century.”

Hearing these words, Fatty Zhou understood why Ethan was so egotistic, and even Dean Jiao appeared a little afraid of Ethan.

” So incredible? What kind of prescription he just provided me, I want to see and also see.”

Xiaoli glanced at Fatty Zhou, normally knowing what his concept was.

After a smile, he stated, “You will certainly die of your mind, Brother Norman claimed, this prescription is so powerful that I do not even recognize the individual that made it for him!”

After saying this, Xiaoli saw that Fatty Zhou really did not appear to have any problems, so she frowned slightly as well as.

However Zhou Fatty took a look at Xiaoli’s back, and all he thought about was Ethan’s therapy of himself.

He claimed that he was in a coma, he could still really feel the means Ethan used the needle, which was without a doubt various from normal individuals.

And also it seems that the other event also knows some new prescriptions, no, possibly it is not a new prescription, it is more probable to be a lost prescription.

Due to the fact that since Ethan has even passed wildfires, if he has a couple of lost prescriptions, after that he will make a lot of cash!

Requesting a license through the prescription, and after that beginning mass production, he still runs a fart of sales!

Thinking about this, Zhou Fatty’s eyes couldn’t aid but end up being a little blurred, and he couldn’t help yet started to dream concerning his future pleased life, as well as the edges of his mouth drained.

And Also while Fatty Zhou was imagining in the ward, Ethan sat down a little exhausted as well as almost fell asleep.

I don’t recognize if it is Ethan’s impression. Given that his stamina has improved, it seems that every single time he opens Shangdian, he takes in a lot of power.

Considering this, Ethan could not help but sink his mind and think thoroughly, is it because the stronger the strength, the much more things he sees, the more power he eats?

Thinking of this, Ethan trembled his head. This is the very first time he has continually turned on it in a brief amount of time because he obtained Shangdian.

In Addition, Shang Dian was originally book-like before, however since he combined with Shang Dian, Shang Dian seemed to be a memory.

As long as he closes his eyes and also thinks about Shangdian, it will show up. Ethan doesn’t recognize just how to clarify such a remarkable thing.

After trembled his head slightly, Ethan left the matter behind. He should have been with Lin Yan today, yet was postponed by this matter.

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