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I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 679

lder Lin was still sitting in a mobility device quietly considering the red blossoms in the yard. What he can do currently is to attempt not to fret Lin Yan.

And simply when Lin Yan was disturbed about these points, all of a sudden a call came by.

Lin Yan obtained her smart phone as well as took a look and saw that it was a strange number, so she responded to the network: “Hey, who are you.”

” Is Lin always? I’m the project supervisor of Xichunju. Come right here immediately, something has happened below!”

” What? What happened, no, exactly how did you understand my phone call?”

The other celebration fast stated a couple of words and finished the call. When the call ended, there was still a loud look into there, I do not know what took place.

Senior Lin frowned and took a look at Lin Yan, and he couldn’t aid however sigh in his heart, is it still coming.

” I supervised of the Xichunju task prior to. Since you have actually taken over as the business’s president, I will normally pass it into your hands, so there will certainly be your call there.”

After stating this, Old Man Lin drank his head helplessly as well as stated, “It’s just that I really did not expect something to take place there soon.”

Lin Yan nodded somewhat when she heard this, got up and left promptly, as well as drove to the project site of Cheng Dongxi Springtime House.

Equally As Lin Yan was hurrying to the east-west springtime house job in the city, Ethan was seeing the movie boredly here, trying to disregard a fat guy in a medical facility gown beside him that was unpleasant.

” I said, Bro Norman, appearance, I have currently asked Dean Jiao. The prescription in your hand is absolutely a new prescription. We have actually compared it with the prescription.”

Ethan responded, neglecting what Fatty Zhou had actually claimed, still enjoying the comedy film on the phone and also laughing.

Fatty Zhou really did not feel dissuaded despite this situation, however continued to talk, “You simply require to provide me the prescription, and also allow’s get a license. I will utilize a little connection. A great deal of money will certainly be coming!”

Mentioning this, Fatty Zhou stopped: “During that time, you will be seven and also 3, no, no, no, you will be 8 and also two!”

Speaking of cash, Ethan had seen excessive money. After hearing this, he glanced at Fatty Zhou with some derision.

” Just how much is it? One hundred million or one billion? Forget it, you still stay trendy and don’t delay my watching movies.”

After stating this, Ethan extended his waist and also claimed, “In addition, I am not except money now. It is useless if you tell me much more.”

Fatty Zhou could not aid showing unhappiness when he heard this: “I stated, Sibling Norman, your brother, I’m virtually embracing some future life, so you can take out the prescription and pull him out of me? ”

” What old bro, you have become my brother in simply a few days?”

” No, no, no, you are my elder brother. If you are my elder bro, you can not do it. You can simply draw me a lot, please?”

Ethan checked out Fatty Zhou, really feeling defenseless in his heart. This person is just not entering!

Regardless of the number of times he tells him that he does not prepare to obtain the prescription, he won’t pay attention to it, and also he has a mindset of frustrating you if you do not give it to me!

After speaking with Dean Jiao plenty of times, I do not recognize what methods this man has actually used, not to mention Dean Jiao, also Xiaoli assumed he hadn’t seen him.

In the entire healthcare facility, Ethan would certainly follow him anywhere he went. What’s even more, even if Ethan went to sleep in the dormitory, the immoral guy might lay a flooring in the aisle as well as await him to find out!

Encountering such a person, Ethan was entirely powerless. Seeing that he would certainly be tempted to make a move any longer.

Instantly an item of information showed up on the phone!

” The Beifu City News Press reporter reported that a major dispute broke out on the construction site of the Lin Group’s Xichunju job. The problem straight created more than 30 migrant workers to seriously hurt …”.

Hearing this news, Zhou Fatty couldn’t assist but shatter it, shatter it, as well as said, “Hey, greater than 30 individuals, that is so take on to be an opponent of the Lin household and the Norman Family members!”.

Ethan was startled when he listened to Fatty Zhou’s words, and then he claimed: “Norman Family? What’s the issue with the Norman Family members?”.

” Hey hey, do not you know, Xichunju is a job of the Lin household and also the Norman Household, planning to develop one of the most extravagant and also affluent area in North District!”.

Ethan saw the recurring scenes on the news. Fatty Zhou rested on the side and also rapidly took out a handful of melon seeds from his pocket as he squealed and also stated, “Farewell, or live broadcast?!”.

As quickly as the voice fell, Ethan suddenly stood up and rushed out of the hospital entrance. Fatty Zhou sitting beside him really did not even respond!

After he reacted, Fatty Zhou couldn’t help but stunned as he took a look at the vacant location beside him and also claimed, “Wow, darn in broad daytime?!”.

There is a reason Ethan is so excited, because he seems to have actually seen Lin Yan during the live program just now!

Although it’s simply a periodic photo, and the individual capturing is likely to be walking, the lens flickers.

Ethan still saw a number in the display, specifically like Lin Yan!

As Well As Lin Yan is now the president of the Lin Group, she will definitely step forward for such a thing!

Thinking about the turmoil on the scene, if Lin Yan had a small error, Ethan would certainly never allow him go!

By the time Ethan drove the automobile to the eastern of the city, there were a multitude of people watching the exhilaration outside Xichunju, as well as several clinical lorries were parked.

Ethan got out of the vehicle as well as gradually strolled towards the gate of the Xichunju job. Passers-by couldn’t help but stretched out their hands. Ethan stated, “You people don’t enter, I hesitate it’s a mess inside currently!”.

Ethan transformed his head and glanced at the passerby, after that grinned and also responded as well as said, “It’s alright, it will calm down quickly.”.

He damaged devoid of the hand of the kind individual, and afterwards strolled in no matter every person’s look.

There was a mess at the view, things had calmed down, as well as spots of scarlet were still on the sloppy ground.

Ethan gasped for a moment enjoying the blood spots anywhere on the building site.

He ordered a person who was cleaning the scene and asked, “Excuse me, the general manager of the Lin Group, where is Lin Yan?”.

The cleaning personnel looked up and down Ethan. Seeing Ethan’s match as well as natural leather shoes, he really did not seem to be a picker and also asked, “That are you?”.

Ethan thought twice, really feeling that if he claimed that it was her fiancé, after that it was highly likely that he would certainly be gotten by this person.

After being quiet for a while, Ethan said, “I am her good friend. I rushed over after receiving the message.”.

After hearing this, the various other event sneered, then trembled his head helplessly and also stated, “Anyone is excellent, as long as they are not reporters. The basic supervisor is in the unique boardroom. Go on.”.

Listening to these words, Ethan responded to the man, and also took out a hundred yuan as an idea, and then strolled to the task conference room.

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