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I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 731

After finally awaiting Lin Yan to complete eating, Old Man Lin took a look at the injury on Lin Yan’s body that was not strong.

After thinking twice slightly, he could not aid yet say, “What the hell is going on, where have you been all this time around?”

Lin Dong, who was resting at the table together, was a bit worried to consider Lin Yan, lowered his head slightly and did not dare to talk, for anxiety of being provided a lesson by Mr. Lin.

After eating and drinking, Lin Yan eyed Lin Dong, and afterwards searched for at Old Lin and also said, “After I got away, I went to discover Sally, she is my best friend.”

Lao Hei sat apart and responded somewhat, considering Old Man Lin with a cold expression, and also stated, “Ms. Lin was not in good health when she initially came, so we really did not send it over promptly.”

Senior Lin nodded to reveal his understanding and then asked: “Who rescued you? We currently recognize who tied you up, yet who saved you?”

Hearing this inquiry, both Lin Yan and Lao Hei’s hearts were limited, and also the next most important concern was this inquiry.

After a brief silence, Lin Yan said in a weeping voice: “It was Chen Minggang who saved me, yet however, after being hurt for some time, he mistakenly dropped downstairs and also passed away.”

After taking a deep breath, Old Man Lin sighed and also checked out Lin Yan, not knowing what to say for some time.

His eyes coldly looked at Lin Dong that was resting aside: “Do not you think you should state something at this time?”

As quickly as Lin Dong heard this, he stooped down, then put himself in the face and also wept: “I’m sorry, I should not instruct someone to kidnap you, these are my faults.”

Lin Yan checked out Lin Dong coldly, a deep frustration blinked in her eyes, however nevertheless, she was still cruel.

So he needed to stand, drank his head, and left, and Old Man Lin took a look at Lin Dong with disappointment in his eyes.

” Besides, you and Yan’ emergency room are both a household, why do you require to do this.”

After stating this, Old Man Lin planned to leave, while Old Hei sat as well as looked at the time, apparently waiting on something.

Beyond, Chen Jingdao right away took Ning Kun to go to after receiving Lin Yan’s return.

But he was stopped by Old Man Lin, saying that Lin Yan had just returned and was not in good spirits.

Faced with such a scenario, although Chen Jingdao was figured out to break through, Old Man Lin was not an easy individual, so he needed to wait.

While Chen Jingdao was waiting, Lao Hei progression to enjoy Chen Jingdao salute, and then said, “Excuse me, Mr. Chen, right?”

Chen Jingdao and also Ning Kun looked at each other, responded slightly, and also asked with some complication, “Are you?”

” I am the bodyguard of Miss Sally of Tianzhu Villa. Our woman stated that if I see you, let me welcome you to the vacation home. She has something for you.”

Hearing this, Ning Kun frowned and also believed for a moment, and afterwards murmured something in Chen Jingdao’s ear.

He got up as well as looked at Lao Hei calmly and also stated, “I’ll go with you, I can represent Mr. Chen with complete authority in Beifu.”

After listening to Ning Kun’s words, Lao Hei simply nodded. He said so, Chen Jingdao had to nod his head to matter.

After Chen Jingdao was silent for a while, he nodded hesitantly and claimed, “Go, he can act upon my behalf, with full authority.”

Hearing this, Lao Hei looked at Chen Jingdao and smiled, and also the two of them went out laughing as well as talking.

As quickly as he strolled out of the door, Ning Kun looked suspiciously at Lao Hei and asked, “Why didn’t you report the situation promptly when you got Miss Lin, or sent her back?”

Lao Hei considered Ning Kun with a mockery smile at the corner of his mouth as well as claimed, “Possibly there is something you have made a mistake. We have not made good friends with any kind of family members in Beifu, and do not intend to offend any kind of family members.”

” Do you assume you remain in Beifu now, you can still be alone?”

After getting in the automobile, Lao Hei fastened his seat belt, as well as stated emphatically, “Because your family is too little for communication, do you recognize what I mean?”

When Ning Kun heard this, he considered Lao He with disbelief. This was the first person to say that the Beifu family members was tiny.

Ning Kun, that hadn’t been in Beifu for many years, couldn’t assist but check out the old black with some uncertainty, as if validating that what the various other event said held true or false.

On the other hand, Lao He was completely unafraid of Ning Kun’s investigative expression. He smiled slightly as well as stated, “Do not believe it, you will certainly understand when you see our manager.”

I do not understand when, Tianzhu Villa suddenly received many visitors.

When Lao Hei took Ning Kun out of the automobile, Ning Kun, like Ethan, was surprised by Tianzhu Suite.

How much does it cost to build a rental property of this dimension on the highest possible hill in Beifu?

After getting in the suite, seeing people wearing black suits patrolling everywhere, Ning Kun couldn’t aid however agree with Old Hei’s words.

When did there be such a strange large figure in Beifu, and also it has something to do with the Lin family!

With these questions in mind, Ning Kun who followed Lao Hei couldn’t aid thinking, until a knock on the door awakened him from his thoughts.

After Old Hei opened the door of Sally’s office, Sally was sitting at her workdesk, overlooking and composing something.

He sought out and also responded a little, then looked at Ning Kun pretendingly, “Who is this?”

Prior To Ning Kun could introduce himself in the future, Lao Hei decreased his head and stated, “This is the individual alongside Mr. Chen, that can be the master for Mr. Chen.”

After hearing this, Lin Yan nodded comfortably, and after that swung for Lao Hei to decrease.

After Lao Hei left, Sally took a closer check out Ning Kun and then all of a sudden grinned: “You are Ning Kun? Well, it looks a little bit lean.”

After stating this, Sally rose and pointed to the couch and also grinned: “Sit down, you can wait a while, Lao Hei is going to get what I prepared.”

Although Sally looked plain when she spoke, she still had a minor smile on her face.

For some reason, Ning Kun can constantly smell a hint of threat in her body, as if the base of the organic chain had actually seen the high.

Although Sally was just twenty years of ages, there appeared to be a trace of unseen stress on her, which made Ning Kun become a bit much more mindful.

Encountering Lao Hei Ning Kun could be able to ask concerns in a loosened up manner, since he was utilized to seeing people like Lao Hei.

Facing Sally, he didn’t risk to be as laid-back as the old black.

He had just skilled this feeling in one person, and that was Norman Tianyang, as well as even Chen Jingdao had actually never given him such a feeling.

Considering this, Ning Kun couldn’t aid yet see a trace of anxiety on his temple.

Sally really did not appear to observe anything. After watching Ning Kun smiled, she still held the tablet computer calmly and also really did not know what she was looking at.

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