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I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 754

As soon as the three of them walked to Ning Kun’s office, Ning Kun decreased the drapes of the whole office, and afterwards got a little blue tool on the wall surface.

Old Hei frowned when he saw the thing and also smiled, “Why, people from the 3 departments are still utilizing this little point?”

Ning Kun removed his coat as well as placed it on the chair, and also take down the projector with a smile, “It’s so easy to use, why not use it, this point can hinder all security as well as eavesdropping gadgets around 50 meters.”

Sally took a look at Ning Kun with some complication and also asked, “Why, doesn’t Chen Jingdao still think you?”

Ning Kun was likewise a little defenseless concerning this. It stands to factor that he has been prowling beside Chen Jingdao for many years, and it is difficult not to gain his count on.

In truth, the old fox did not trust him till currently, so Ning Kun had to do it.

Do not take a look at Chen Jingdao providing him the whole Xincheng Group, yet as a matter of fact, as long as he considers it, the president of one sentence will have to load things up and go.

I did not rely on Xincheng Group to eat, or I would certainly have to be angry. After striving for so long, I was still a puppet in the hands of others. This did not fit Ning Kun’s style!

While joking, Ning Kun got some data, then placed them on the desktop and also stated, “This is the details provided to me by the headquarters, including some details that the target remains in Buckeye.”

As soon as the voice fell, a few pictures of Ethan were presented on the projector with some explanations.

” I think you all understand about the Norman Family members. There is also a documents regarding this event at the headquarters. We thought that the Norman Family members had no offspring.”

Speaking, Ning Kun focused on Ethan’s picture, after that aimed at him and stated, “But then the irregular activities of Norman Tianyang in the Norman Family members overseas attracted our focus.”

After that came the next photo, which was a picture of Eric Norman as well as Ethan standing together.

Ning Kun pointed to Eric Norman and also stated, “I believe you are already clear concerning the fight in Xingyang Valley. Eric Norman and also others were virtually killed in the battle. There is additionally a women assassin missing out on. At first we thought it was captured by Norman Tianyang.”

After that Ning Kun pointed to the shady head structure under Eric Norman’s photo as well as said, “But after that according to our expert’s record, the other party did not catch the lady.”

Sally frowned and looked at the projected development. After being reluctant somewhat, she stated in a deep voice, “Considering that such a large point has taken place, hasn’t he thought of retribution?”

Ning Kun curled his lips and stated helplessly: “Obviously I considered it. Not only did I think about it, however he likewise acted.”

The following bloody photo was revealed, in which 2 headless men were lying silently with each other.

But Sally checked out such bloody images, yet her face remained customarily!

” These are both generals under Norman Tianyang. They was accountable for tracking the target after the Battle of Xianyang Valley. Later, the target’s vengeance became this merit. I need to say it is truly disgusting.”

After shrugging his shoulders, Ning Kun switched off the projector and also stared at Sally with a pair of eyes: “From the expansion video simply played, the target treats his opponents cruelly, yet he treats his close friends extremely generously. He is a person I such as.”.

Old Hei grinned as well as couldn’t assist interfacing: “When did your youngster fall in love with guys? It’s finest to keep away from me, or take care I kick you!”.

Ning Kun gave a helpless take a look at Lao Hei, then pulled out the chair and also took a seat to light a flue for himself: “The upper floor began me as a result of the 30-mile tornado. It is precisely because of this that I will concern Beifu.”.

Sally closed her eyes as well as practiced meditation for a while and afterwards stated, “If this holds true, does it say that all your activities in Beifu are under my command?”.

Ning Kun faintly threw up a smoke ring and smiled: “Naturally not, however I do not believe this needs an order, right?”.

Sally checked out Ning Kun as well as smiled, while Lao Hei opened her mouth and also claimed, “Your youngster has finally come to be a little extra able to chat considering that he was young. This is excellent.”.

” In that case, I purchase you to utilize the power of the Xincheng Team to tax the Norman Family at all expenses as well as inquire to release Norman Yan.”.

After claiming this, Sally thought for some time and proceeded: “If I presume right, Norman Yan is the Ethan we want. I intend to speak to him concerning this issue.”.

Ning Kun patted her palms, then took out a data from the cabinet and also commended Sally.

” As a matter of fact, when you came to tell me concerning this, I currently started to do this. This is a job that Xincheng Group cooperates with Norman’s. You can reveal it to Norman Qingshu.”.

After saying this, Ning Kun blinked his eyes and also smiled: “Just how about it, is it smarter than when I was a kid?”.

As quickly as he ended up talking, Ning Kun patted his head once more, waved his hand and stated, “Wait, I still have some good ideas right here, regarding some tax obligation evasion as well as tax evasion made by the Norman Household in Beifu over the years.”.

When he said that, he took out a great deal of files and put them on the table, making Lao Hei a little shocked in shock.

” What’s using these things, do you anticipate me to trip the Norman Family with these points?”.

Sally rolled her eyes, not checking out the heaps of data on the desktop computer.

She was not in charge of helping individuals inspect the accounts, and she was ashamed to say that she was smarter!

Ning Kun saw that there was a look of dislike on Sally’s face, Wei drank his head helplessly as well as needed to place the documents aside.

Then a little hurt, he said, “These points are additionally a bargaining chip. They are likewise useful in the meantime.”.

After shaking her head with a wry smile, Sally got up and also considered Ning Kun deeply.

” You have actually transformed a lot than in the past, however I like you a lot more now, capable, energised, and also extremely smart, not as dull as you made use of to be.”.

As soon as the voice dropped, Sally left with Lao Hei.

When she left, Sally really did not neglect to eliminate the documents that recorded the collaboration job in between Xincheng and Norman. She assumed that this thing could be available in convenient at a vital time.

While Ning Kun stood in the office checking out Sally’s back, his eyes slowly ended up being a little overwhelmed.

He murmured, “As a matter of fact, I haven’t changed. I’m still as boring as before, and I do not know exactly how to express.”.

Afterwards, he trembled his head, put away the little thing with light blue light on the table, put it in his pocket, and then do away with the documents as if absolutely nothing occurred.

After leaving the Xincheng Group, Sally got in the cars and truck and also fell silent while considering the documents on her hand.

Lao Hei stated helplessly: “Individuals in Beifu here don’t recognize just how to do it, so the Norman Household swiped so much tax obligation!”.

Sally trembled her head as well as kept an eye out the home window, unexpectedly feeling a little flustered in her heart somehow.

” This matter is not at fault for the people in Beifu, it should be the Norman Family members’s own relationship.”.

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