i have got a super rich dad chapter

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 876

3 days later, the old black called Ethan and also Ning Kun, and after that one of them gave an envelope and claimed, “There is a little cash in it for you to utilize when traveling.”

Ethan smiled disdainfully after hearing this, “Perhaps I do not have anything else, yet do you believe I will be less with cash?”

Ning Kun eyed Ethan helplessly, then opened up the envelope and also poured out forty gold coins.

” What do you people know, don’t think that you are so great, you have simply stepped into this circle, as well as there are lots of points you don’t know!”

Hearing this, Ethan opened the envelope and also got a gold coin as well as took a look at it thoroughly, just to see that it was etched with fragile patterns and also a string of mysterious numbers.

Lao Hei considered Ethan with a slight smile and afterwards said: “These gold coins are not simply random gold coins. With them, you can go into areas that you don’t typically enter, and also you can also contact individuals you don’t generally have accessibility to. ”

Ning Kun claimed after hearing this: “As well as don’t undervalue this gold coin. Just such a gold coin stands for a full 2 hundred thousand in the underground globe.”

After claiming this, Ning Kun took a look at his envelope and stated, “It appears like you have no confidence in us. Offered so much, is it the one in charge specifically bought?”

Old Hei shrugged and stated, “No, some of these gold coins originally came from Ethan, as well as several of them are for special functions. After all, you recognize the location in Hedong.”

After stating this, Lao Hei considered Ethan with some solemnity and claimed, “Given that you are leaving today, do you want to be alone with Lin Yandao?”

Ethan shook his head in reflection for a moment, and also the two had already claimed a lot of points in the past, and to state it currently would only cause trouble.

Ning Kun considered Ethan with an unfortunate look, sighed deeply, and afterwards stretched out his hand to pat Ethan’s shoulder.

” It’s alright if you don’t see it. If you view too much, it will certainly be a lot more unpleasant. I know just how much you feel currently.”

After claiming this, Ning Kun took a look at Lao Hei as well as stated, “Given that we have given this thing to us, are we mosting likely to trigger now?”

Lao Hei responded in silence, as well as sent Ethan and also Ning Kun to the gate of the suite. A slightly damaged vehicle was waiting quietly.

The motorist looked like a regular old man, nobody looked.

Ethan looked at each other curiously, as if he knew it, so he turned his head as well as glanced at Ethan.

Currently, he was amazed to find that the chauffeur had just one eye, as well as there was nothing in his eyes that had been hollow!

Ning Kun checked out the various other celebration however made 2 motions with his common expression, and after that checked out Lao Hei and said, “Really did not you say that the Xue family should be liable? Why did you call Lao Mao over this moment?”

Listening to these words, Lao Hei drank his head helplessly. If it weren’t for the Xue family’s trouble to walk, why bother utilizing this old man.

After shook his head in silence, he eyed Ning Kun and Ethan helplessly.

Then he said in a deep voice, “You should beware when you most likely to Hedong this time. Hedong is no better than Beifu. It is a sinful city.”

Ethan and Ning Kun eyed each other and afterwards nodded at Lao He, then climbed up right into the truck.

After seeing the two progressively relocate away, Old Hei stated solemnly, “Appear, Miss Lin, they have already left.”

Lin Yan gradually went out of the edge while dragging her still rather inconvenient arm, and afterwards stood side-by-side with Lao Hei.

” Considering that I can’t birth it, why do not you come out and speak with him earlier?

Lin Yan smiled bitterly after hearing this. Why didn’t she recognize it, but Ethan’s identity was no longer a trick, as well as the Lin family members had already called her to inform her.

And most significantly, she additionally gained from her grandpa what Ethan was bring, so she had no factor to quit him.

Taking a look at the direction of Ethan’s disappearance, Lin Yan was silent for a while before talking, “Will he remain in threat?”

Old Hei drank his head when he heard words, lighted a cigarette for himself as well as claimed, “Threat is just typical. You must trust them.”

After stating this, Lao Hei transformed his head and looked at Lin Yan with a sad search her face and smiled: “Okay, there is still something concerning you here. If you intend to aid him, you need to work hard. Row.”

Lin Yan transformed her head and glanced at Lao He strangely when she heard this, as well as a flush blinked throughout her face subconsciously.

Presently, on some old vehicles, Ethan looked suspiciously at Ning Kun, as if he still couldn’t determine the present scenario.

Although Hedong is a somewhat hazardous city, not even the tools to go there are so unique, best?

Seeing the truck’s scruffy look, Ethan could not help however roll his eyes. He was really stressed that the truck would certainly turn off heading!

Ning Kun appeared to be familiar with what Ethan was thinking, shut his eyes as well as didn’t take a look at Ethan, and stated, “Are you considering exactly how we are mosting likely to Hedong?”

Ethan recognized that his ideas had been broken by Ning Kun, so he stated in a mad tone, “Certainly, are we truly going to Hedong on this point? Forgive me, then get the year of the ape.”

Hearing this, Ning Kun couldn’t assist but chuckled, hing on the carriage as well as seeking out at the sky with a smile: “Wait a minute, you will certainly know that Lao Mao is simply a pick-up person. Before we go to Hedong Go to one more location first.”

Hearing this, Ethan considered Ning Kun a little oddly and also asked, “Where to go?”

When Ning Kun was about to speak, the cars and truck suddenly stopped. He closed his eyes as well as paid attention meticulously for a moment before he claimed, “The area we are going to is right here. Get off the automobile.”

Having stated this, Ning Kun leapt out of the vehicle, Ethan checked out, just to see that they quit on a rather shoddy road.

The oddly clothed people around in twos and also threes were looking at them with some unkind eyes.

After Ethan left the car, he smelled the air as if there was a mild rot.

He frowned as well as asked, “Where is this location, are we still in Beifu?”

Ning Kun glanced at Ethan with a smile as well as said with a smile: “Certainly, this is a dark road in the Xiacheng area of Beifu. We need to go with some formalities here before we can most likely to Hedong. All this calls for a behind the times to do it for us.”.

After saying this, the one-eyed behind the times crouched as well as walked over, and then stretched out his hands to Ethan as well as Ning Kun.

Ning Kun secured a gold coin from the envelope and also handed it to Old Hat customarily. Ethan enjoyed as he took a gold coin and commended Behind the times.

The motorist, the old hat, grinned and after that transformed and left, and also Ethan couldn’t aid yet asked in confusion, “This is 400,000 yuan?”.

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