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I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 877

Ning Kun checked out Ethan with a stunned expression and also grinned, then pointed to the rear of Lao Mao and stated, “Why do you assume he can regulate the path to Hedong like the Xue family?”

After stating this, Ning Kun’s face looked a little weird.

” To tell you the fact, the city in Hedong is not like our Beifu. To be more complete, it is a wicked city.”

Ethan still knew about this, since it was something that Old Hei had informed him previously.

Presently, I listened to Ning Kun stated it again, so he was a little interested and also claimed: “If this holds true, why have you never ever took care of Hedong?”

Seeing the puzzled view on Ethan’s face, Ning Kun couldn’t aid yet grin a little self-deprecatingly.

” Even if we intend to govern that city, they have to agree to do it. The key is that they are all made use of to living in this way.”

It could be absurd to say it. There are many people that have actually stayed in jail for decades, as well as if they are all of a sudden freed, he will certainly really feel a little uncomfortable.

Even if he releases the other celebration, he will certainly discover a way to go back, assuming that it is his home.

He Dong is such a city. Individuals because city have actually become accustomed to that type of life. If eventually really gets better, they will certainly doubt whether something worse will take place!

This may be regarded as a sort of despair, after having experienced even worse points, they will certainly no more consider the future.

Thinking about this, Ning Kun gently shook his head and also said, “Maybe because that city is hopeless. There is the Norman Household in Hedong. They are the only regional mediation.”

Before, Ethan had found out something concerning the Norman Family Members in Hedong from the information Sally gave him. From the details above, it appears that the Norman Household in Hedong is a regional settlement institution.

Whatever happened, they would designate a committed team to fix disputes for some people.

I bear in mind that when Ethan saw this location, he claimed with a smile that the Norman clan was to far better control Hedong, however he did not expect that his staffs would become the adjudication of Hedong!

Thinking about it at this moment, Ethan grinned gently as well as said, “Probably this is a mistake, it’s an advantage.”

Ning Kun responded and agreed. If the Norman Family had not existed, Hedong would certainly be even more abrasive at this time, as well as it would be a question of whether he can continue to exist!

While both were meditating, Lao Mao walked over with two tiny notebooks in his hand, and then handed one to Ethan and Ning Kun.

Ning Kun checked out the old hat and smiled and after that stated, “To be sincere, you must wear a blindfold, or else individuals in your car will possibly think about whether to jump off.”

This is not a joke, neither is it funny, but the old man nodded with a smile when he took a look at Ning Kun, some of which couldn’t figure out what he was believing.

Ethan eyed Ning Kun with an odd appearance, and also when Lao Mao went back to the chauffeur’s seat to start the truck, he said, “I don’t assume it is an advantage to poke fun at somebody’s impairment.”

Ning Kun was stunned when he heard this, and then chuckled loudly, pointing to Ethan as well as giggling a little breathlessly.

” Hahaha, you, is your boy pitying him? I tell you, if he finds out about it, you won’t even want to ride this vehicle anymore!”

Seeing Ethan’s confusion, Ning Kun lighted a cigarette for herself as well as took a deep breath.

” Which of the eyes of the behind the times was really he removed by himself. To speak about this, it is a little far away.”

Ethan checked out Ning Kun’s complicated expression, and also stated with some interest: “Anyway, there is nothing wrong currently, just tell me.”

Hearing this, Ning Kun responded after hesitated for a moment, as well as gradually started to speak to the tune of the rough truck.

At that time, I was still in school and really did not come out. The area where the internship was arranged was in Hedong.

Seeing Ethan nodded to him, Ning Kun spit out a sip of environment-friendly smoke and also proceeded: “The behind the times has been running on this line for more than ten years at that time. I’m blind.”

Ethan listened to some curiosity here and also stated, “Why are his eyes blind?”

” Because I saw things you should not see and satisfied people you should not meet, that’s a famous tiger in Hedong, called Yu Shaobai, the young owner of the Hedong Qinghe Club.”

Ethan had actually remained in Buckeye prior to and was not extremely clear about the Qinghe Club, however as long as he strolled in the direction of Hedong, no person was not aware of the Qinghe Club.

They have actually been established for greater than thirty years, and there are about 20,000 individuals under their help. They can be said to cover the sky with one hand in Hedong.

That time when Lao Mao sent out Ning Kun to Hedong, he accidentally faced Yu Shaobai, the young master of Qinghehui at the time, but really did not identify him.

Yu Shaobai stated at the time that given that these eyes can not see people, what’s the use of keeping them.

After hearing this, the behind the times was also a callous person. He placed his hand on his eye outlet and also compelled it out for himself, and afterwards held his hands in front of Yu Shaobai.

Originally, Yu Shaobai wanted Ning Kun’s pair of tricks, however the old hat still gritted his teeth as well as begged, saying that Ning Kun was not a person in their circle, and that it was the very first time he concerned Hedong, which had the ability to save.

Although one eye is missing, after this incident, everybody when traveling in Hedong will certainly provide Lao Mao a little bit of face.

Because Yu Shaobai once claimed when he left, since the behind the times provided him a gift, then he needs to care for it.

It appears that Yu Shaobai is reasonable in the world, in reality, it is just a stick and also carrot gameplay!

After saying these things, Ning Kun relied on look at Ethan and smiled: “If you remain in Hedong, others don’t need to recognize it, but this Yu Shaobai and Qinghe Club should bear in mind, otherwise it will certainly cause trouble, I can not maintain it.”

Ethan stated with an angry expression on his face below, “Didn’t the Thirteen Branch additionally have a branch in Hedong? Can it be that the various other event is so egotistic!”

Ning Kun eyed Ethan coldly. He Dong’s scenario was complicated, and also they could not discover a factor even if they wished to conflict.

And also individuals there have an usual issue, that is xenophobia, severe prejudice, which is why Lao Mao needed to take them to the black road before sending them to Hedong.

This is to provide an unique ID card comparable to Hedong, as long as others take a look at it, they will certainly recognize that they are Hedong individuals!

Such an area is like a trash burial ground, for some individuals, it can be related to as a paradise of dreams!

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