Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1418

Despite her reluctance, Frieda had no choice but to go with the flow. Her priority then was to win Roxanne’s. forgiveness so that she could rejoin Queen Group. “Okay, then.”

Beaming at Roxanne, she pushed the gift back. to her. “I bought this for you. It isn’t expensive. Please accept them as a token of my sincerity.”

Jonathan chimed in, “Yes, Frieda put in a lot of effort to pick this gift. Dr. Jarvis, do accept it. If you don’t, she won’t believe that you’ve forgiven her.”

Roxanne glanced at the present and noticed it was indeed an affordable purse. It was only then that she extended her arm and took it. “Thanks for the gift. This meal is on me,” she offered, nodding at them.

Jonathan readily accepted her offer. During lunch, the trio chatted about the collaboration between Queen Group and the research institute.

Knowing that his best friend had set his mind on Roxanne and that they were in a committed relationship, Jonathan decided to deepen his involvement with the research institute.

Naturally, Roxanne was more than delighted to have that happen. That meal was an enjoyable event for them both, save for Frieda. Nevertheless, she finally got to return to Queen Group. Her wish had come true.

After lunch, Roxanne returned to the research institute to work while Jonathan brought Frieda to Queen Group. With that, they went their separate ways.

Even though Jonathan had agreed to let his sister rejoin the company, he still had some reservations. As a result, he merely gave her a title instead of entrusting her with critical decision-making responsibilities.

Frieda dared not ask for more. She was fine with anything as long as she would get paid. At the same time, Aubree and her family were busy moving out of their mansion.

Due to their financial constraints, it was impossible for them to reside in the city any longer. Their only option was to secure a dilapidated mansion in the suburbs to call home temporarily by using the one hundred thousand that Frieda had given Aubree.

The mansion had been unoccupied for several years, and though it had furniture, everything was coated in a thick layer of dust. However, they could not afford to hire a cleaner and had to clean up the mansion themselves. It took them a whole day to finish the first round of cleaning.

Gina took on the majority of the cleaning duties. As soon as they finished, she collapsed onto the couch in a state of exhaustion and lamented, “This is terrible. In comparison to our former home, this place is uninhabitable…”

Upon hearing her comment, Samuel roared, “Stop dreaming! We don’t have a home anymore. Even this house is just a cheap rental!” He then glared at his daughter with displeasure. “You’re nothing but trouble!”

Aubree lowered her head to mask the suppressed, crazed look in her eyes. Roxanne and Lucian! I despise both of you! Why is all of this happening to me? I’ve lived a life of comfort all these years, but now I’m suddenly banished to hell.

Suddenly, Gina recalled something and grabbed Samuel’s sleeves. “Let’s ask the Queen family for help; we can ask Frieda to help us. She’s good friends with Aubree. Since she even paid a visit to Aubree yesterday, she’ll surely help us! Besides, we’ve been on good terms with the Queen family for years-”

Before she could finish her utterances, Samuel interjected harshly, “The Queen family is the reason why we are in this state.” Anger coursed through his veins as he glared at his wife and daughter. Foolish women! I can’t believe they had no idea who did this to us. How dare they suggest that we ask the culprits for help?

Hearing the revelation, Gina dropped to the ground in shock.

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