Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1421

As Frieda was chased out of the house while wearing a reluctant expression, she was, in truth, rejoicing inwardly. If I get thrown out by Aubree’s parents today, I can use that as an excuse to break all ties with Aubree. That’ll be wonderful! Unfortunately, that was all wishful thinking on her part. Before long, Aubree went up to Gina and held her back.

“Mom, please don’t be like this. Frieda is unlike the rest of the Queen family. She’s my best friend. Look, she even gave us money!” Aubree viciously shot daggers at Frieda before trying to gently coax her mother into forgiving Frieda.

Without a doubt, she hated the Queen family too. Nevertheless, she knew she could not cut off contact with Frieda just yet because the latter was still of value to her.

Seeing Aubree standing up for Frieda, the emotionally unstable Gina turned to the former and berated, “Why are you still defending her? Have you forgotten how we ended up in this predicament?”

Aubree’s expression changed drastically. “I didn’t forget. But that’s exactly why we can’t chase Frieda away!” With that, she forcefully dragged Gina back into the living room.

Before heading in, Aubree shot Frieda a look, signaling her to leave immediately. Frieda’s expression was gloomy as things did not turn out the way she wanted. She then spun on her heel and left.

Back inside the mansion, Gina felt such an immense surge of anger and despair that she could not formulate her thoughts into words. All she could do was bawl her eyes out, tears streaming continuously down her face.

It went without saying that Aubree was feeling inexplicably frustrated as well. She merely glanced at her mother and headed upstairs without giving any explanation.

The mansion, which was already dilapidated, instantly descended into a state of despair, Meanwhile, Roxanne received a call from Jack again after busying herself with work for several days. “Ms. Jarvis, do you remember the new drug that I mentioned earlier? The one I’m planning. to research and develop?”

Jack’s cheerful voice sounded from the other end of the line. Roxanne, who was too overwhelmed by work, only recalled that they had previously talked about that subject after hearing Jack’s reminder.

“Do you need my help?” She left the research area and found a quiet spot to take the call. Collaborating with the Damaris family will greatly benefit the development of our research institute in Chanaea.

Jack hummed an acknowledgment and added, “It’d be wonderful if we could work together. I firmly believe that your research institute is my ideal business partner.”

Needless to say, Roxanne would not let the opportunity slide. “It’s my honor to continue working with the Damaris family.” Jack chuckled faintly when he heard her response. “We’ll talk more when we meet. There are still some details that we need to discuss.”

Roxanne agreed at once. The two also decided on the time and venue of their meet-up before hanging up. The moment the call ended, she received another call. This time, it was from Lucian. Roxanne answered it without hesitation. “Have you been very busy the past few days?

Essie says that you’re hardly at home.” The two rarely met since their return from Jadeborough. Lucian went over to visit the kids several times, but Roxanne was always not around and would leave them in Linda’s care.

Only after hearing Lucian’s voice did Roxanne. realize they had not met each other for quite some time. On top of that, the time she spent with the kids had also dwindled lately.

A guilty look flitted across Roxanne’s eyes as that realization dawned upon her. “It’s all right. The research institute has got more projects recently, so we’re busier than usual. But it’ll get better soon.”

Lucian furrowed his brows slightly. “No matter how busy work is at the research institute, you shouldn’t overwork yourself. Don’t forget that the kids are still waiting for you at home.”

Having heard what the man said, Roxanne could not help but feel amused. This man is more of a workaholic than I am. Yet he’s reminding me not to overwork myself?

However, at the same time, she also felt a warm current flowing through her heart.

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