Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1422

Lucian had mentioned visiting Roxanne in the past few days, but she rejected him by saying she had work to do. When he heard Estella mention that Roxanne was rarely home, he finally realized how hard she had been working recently.

“Are you free tomorrow at noon? Let’s have lunch together,” Lucian suggested. He was determined to let Roxanne get some rest. Roxanne fell silent for a few moments when she heard the time he mentioned before replying apologetically, “Sorry, I’m not free.”

Lucian frowned. “Why? Is there work that you have to complete?” Roxanne scratched her nose sheepishly. “I’ve promised to meet up with Mr. Damaris for lunch tomorrow to discuss a project.”

Jack Damaris? Lucian’s expression instantly darkened. We’ve hardly been in contact these few days, and yet she’s been contacting him? What the elderlies from the nursing home said echoed in Lucian’s mind once again.

After all, he and Roxanne did not work in the same industry. Plus, the woman was a workaholic, causing their quality time together to minimize. Lucian felt threatened when he realized that.

Taking note of the man’s silence, Roxanne softened her tone and explained, “I want to stay in Chanaea and be with Essie. Hence, I was thinking of expanding the research institute. A collaboration with the Damaris family would be of great help to the development of our research institute.”

Naturally, Lucian would not stop her from expanding her career. Although he was unhappy when he heard her say that, he had no choice but to relent. “All right. I’ll invite you to lunch another day then. I hope you won’t keep rejecting me.”

Roxanne was surprised, for she did not expect him to give in that easily. Momentarily stunned, she agreed with a smile After ending the call with Roxanne, Lucian called the three children and asked them for a favor. The children were quick to agree.

The next morning, Roxanne saw the three children sitting on the couch when she went downstairs. She was understandably surprised when she saw them. “What’s wrong?”

Recently, she had been getting up earlier than usual to go to work, and the children would usually only wake up and bid her goodbye when she was about to leave. I wonder why they woke up so early today. The three kids flashed her adorable smiles. “Mommy, will you be busy today too?”

Roxanne patted their heads apologetically and said, “Sorry for not spending enough time with you these days. Let’s all go out and have fun. after I finish work.”

The children nodded. Estella, on the other hand, stared at Roxanne’s neck with wide eyes. Roxanne couldn’t help frowning in confusion. and reached up to touch her bare neck when she met Estella’s gaze. “Essie, is there something on my neck?”

Pouting, Estella replied unhappily, “Mommy, why aren’t you wearing the necklace?” Roxanne was taken aback by the little girl’s question. She then quickly returned to her senses and understood that Estella was referring to the necklace that Lucian gifted her. “It’s not convenient for me to wear jewelry when I work,” she patiently explained to Estella. However, the girl was stubborn. “Mommy, is it because you don’t like that necklace?”

Roxanne subconsciously shook her head. “Then it’s because you don’t like Daddy!” Estella pouted in aggrievement and lowered her head pitifully. “Mommy, please don’t hate Daddy…”

Roxanne was utterly confused as she stared at Estella. I’ve explained everything to her, but she doesn’t seem to understand. Since she was in a hurry to leave and didn’t have the time to comfort Estella, she had no choice but to give in and went upstairs to wear the necklace. A smile crept onto Estella’s face when she saw Roxanne wear the necklace.

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