Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1429

Jonathan couldn’t get a good night’s sleep after reading the discussion online. The following morning, as soon as he woke up. he grabbed his phone to check the public’s reaction. He nearly fell out of bed after reading the statement released by Farwell Group.

Am I dreaming? I’ve been aware for a long time that Essie is Roxanne’s daughter, but what did I just read? Could it be true that the boys were born at the same time as Essie? It appears that they are the same age, and it would not be far- fetched to suggest that they were born together. Why didn’t Lucian tell me anything? If this is true, why would Lucian have to work so hard to pursue her when they could just be together as a rightful family?

Jonathan was confused, I won’t be able to focus on work if I don’t get answers. With that thought in mind, he quickly washed up and drove straight to Farwell Group.

I must get answers from Lucian himself! if Lucian and Roxanne are indeed the parents of the boys, I am more than happy to present them with a generous monetary gift to commemorate the occasion. However, if that is not the case, Lucian is a lovesick fool. He accepted the boys as his own even though he isn’t their biological father. This is highly commendable.. Soon, his car rolled to a stop before Farwell Group.

Jonathan hopped out of his car and strode into the building. He stepped into the elevator and happened to bump into Cayden, who had just left the PR department.

Cayden’s face appeared weary, with dark circles beneath his eyes indicating a lack of sleep. Despite his exhaustion, he managed to muster a polite smile as he greeted, “Mr. Queen.”

Jonathan was busy thinking about the discussion online, so he merely gave Cayden an absent-minded nod. However, a thought occurred to him, and he spun around to give Cayden a perplexed look. “What’s with that statement that your company released last night?”

Lucian obviously didn’t release that statement personally, so it could only be Cayden. A wave of misery washed over Cayden when he heard the statement being mentioned. He shook his head and said, “You should ask Mr. Farwell. I was just carrying out his orders.”

Jonathan wasn’t the only one who was curious, for the employees in the PR department kept asking the same questions last night. Cayden could only tell them he had no idea.

Fortunately, Jonathan didn’t make things. difficult for him and patted his shoulder in recognition of his hard work. “Thank you for your effort.” Cayden exhaled a sigh of relief. “I was just doing my job.”

They had only exchanged a few words when the elevator arrived at the top floor. Jonathan waited outside for Cayden to report his arrival before he headed into Lucian’s office.

Inside, he saw Lucian seated behind his desk, his face unreadable. It was almost as if the heated debates and controversy that had been raging online had nothing to do with him. After he walked in, Lucian spared him a look. and asked calmly, “Why are you here?”

Jonathan strode over to him and plunked himself down on the chair in front of the desk.. “How dare you ask me that question? I want to know if the statement Farwell Group released last night was true. Are the boys yours?”

After asking that question, he stared at Lucian unblinkingly. Lucian remained unfazed. “What do you think?” Jonathan was baffled by his indifferent reaction. Carefully, he replied, “I don’t think so.”

“They aren’t mine,” Lucian answered at the same time.

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