My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1979

Ethan respected her, so he gave her the space and platform needed for her to achieve her dreams. Josephine couldn’t talk to him about work. If she told him about her situation, he would fire all the people who crossed her, and the company would be left with no people to run it. That would be bad for work. “Work’s fine, really.” Josephine smiled.

“Yeah. Don’t worry about anything else. I’m looking forward to your show.” “I’m preparing for it. It’ll be done soon.” Josephine picked up her glass and raised it. “Thank you, honey.”

Ethan raised a toast as well. “No problem.” They went shopping at a nearby mall after dinner. Ethan thought Josephine needed more clothes. Jenna had been waiting in the car, so when she saw the couple, she and her bodyguards followed them.

Josephine wanted to let her hair down too and walking around was good for digestion. The problem was that Ethan stood out too much. A lot of women were staring at him, and Josephine had half the mind to take him home: right away so these women couldn’t see him. Ethan had a peculiar shopping style. Most people would pick the things they wanted, but he would pick the ones he didn’t want and buy everything else. It didn’t take long for him to. pick all the clothes and bags the shop had to offer, and Josephine couldn’t stop him.

Jenna was standing outside taking photos surreptitiously, especially the ones where Josephine held Ethan’s hand as she stopped him from buying more. However, in the photo, it looked like Josephine was asking Ethan to buy more. Yep. Photos are more deceptive. Jenna looked at the photo and smirked. She could see that Josephine was trying to stop Ethan from buying more, but Ethan led her to more aisles and bought everything money could buy. If he could, he would’ve bought the whole shop..

Jenna loved shopping too, and she loved this particular brand, but she wasn’t rich enough to shop like Ethan. The Quarles Family had enough money to last them for centuries, while her family only got rich because they buttered up to the Quarles Family. Her mother would even restrict her allowance. She envied Josephine for all the love she was shown. I wish that were me.

After following the couple and taking photos and videos of them, Jenna was exhausted. She went back to the hotel and sent those photos to Donna. Donna called her right after that, and Jenna picked up the call. “Hey, Mrs. Quarles.”

“Where’s Ethan?” “Are you coming over?” Jenna asked quickly. She could tell that Donna was angry. “That woman is going to take him away from me. Of course, I’m coming.”

I knew it. She’s going to stop her son from dating a gold digger. “Don’t tell him I took the pictures, alright?” “You helped me, so of course, I won’t. Wait for me,” said Donna.

Jenna texted her the country and city she was in, and then she waited happily for Donna’s arrival. Let’s see what Josephine will do. Donna’s a feisty woman. I wonder if Ethan will take his mother’s side or an outsider’s side. Oh, I really want to see Donna teaching that woman a lesson.

The night was peaceful. After taking a shower, Josephine took a book and sat beside the French window to read, while Ethan went to the study to work. He might be on vacation, but some of the more important work must be done by him. He was so engrossed in his work that he forgot about the time, and when he realized it, it was already midnight. He closed his laptop.

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