My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1980

He went to the second floor and noticed Josephine sleeping on the couch covered by nothing but a blanket, and he blamed himself for not noticing the time sooner. I should’ve told her to not wait for me. She would be sleeping on a bed right now instead of a couch.

Ethan approached her, then he stared at her. face that was illuminated by the light.. Josephine had a beautiful face, but she looked. adorable when she was asleep. Her skin was smooth and silky as milk and her facial features were softly defined. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. Her beautiful arms slid through the sleeves of her oversized robes, and she looked that bit alluring in this state.

Ethan felt like playing a prank on her to wake her up, and then they would have a bit of fun in the night. Just as he picked her up to carry her to the room, Josephine woke up.

When she realized it was him holding her, she closed her eyes, and a sweet smile curled her lips. “Are you sure you’re sleepy?” asked Ethan. “Yeah,’ said Josephine. Ethan kept kissing her neck, and it stirred something in her. She protested, “Hey, stop it. It tickles.”

Ethan didn’t listen. He kept doing what he wanted, so Josephine was already wide awake before they even got to their bed. After her placed her on the bed, he pinned her down, and she saw the light of desire glinting in his eyes. She gasped. He’s going to do it even when I’m asleep? I guess I’ll have to really pretend to be asleep next time.

She couldn’t pretend to be asleep this time. since Ethan saw her wake up, and he wouldn’t let her fall asleep after he spent so much time waking her up.

Josephine felt like a fire was lit up in her, and she wanted to burn with Ethan too. “You’re so beautiful,” said Ethan. He loved Josephine’s looks. She was beautiful and lively.

Happy about being praised, Josephine let him kiss her. They did it all around the room, from the bed to the bathroom. The next morning, Josephine asked for a half-day off since she couldn’t get out of bed.

Jenna got a message after she woke up. It was from Donna, and she said she was already. boarding the flight. Jenna smirked. Donna will be here in eighteen hours. Then it’s time for Josephine to step aside.

Ethan didn’t get any news about his mother’s visit. Donna made sure it was a secret-she told everyone not to tell Ethan about it. She wanted to check out her son’s relationship, but even before she came, she had decided that this woman was not to be allowed to date her son.

She had three criteria for her son’s partner. One, they must have good character; two, they must not be materialistic; and three, they must love her son more than his money, for anyone who loved money more than her son was selfish and greedy. Obviously, she thought this girl failed her litmus test, so she wanted to tell her son to break up with her.

Josephine came to work. She would be taking over Ain’s show. Since the episode that was airing now was recorded prior, Josephine still had time to train and prepare for the takeover. She changed into her work attire and sat in the studio. Even though she was a little nervous, she presented herself to be calm and composed.

Tori stepped into the studio to watch. She heard that this was Josephine’s first show and was here to watch how Josephine would embarrass herself. However, she would be disappointed, as Josephine presented herself perfectly to the camera. She was the perfect candidate for the job.

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