My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1981

After Josephine read the first line, the producer gave her a thumbs up. “Good show, Josephine. That’s a great performance for a first-timer.”

“Thank you.” Josephine smiled. Tori crossed her arms, feeling disappointed. It was frustrating that Josephine didn’t embarrass herself. She had to say that this woman had talent, and she was worried that Josephine might take over her spot if she became more popular in the company.

She was the host of prime-time news, and that was the most important show for the company. Josephine was sipping some water when she saw Ethan coming into the studio holding a bouquet of roses. Happily, she smiled.

Everyone looked at the entrance, after which they became nervous. They couldn’t believe Ethan would come here, and he was holding a bouquet of flowers too. Tori saw Ethan, and she quickly straightened herself out, then she put on her most dazzling smile. “Hello, Mr. Quarles.”

Ethan only glanced at her before he turned to look at Josephine, then the producer approached him. “The recording went well. Josephine did a good job.”

Ethan smiled and nodded proudly. “I knew she could do it.”

Josephine was sitting under a beam of light, her clothes showing off her perfect curves. Her face seemed to shine under the light, and a hint of healthy red tinged her skin. She was perfect for the camera.

Tori watched this scene unfold, and she was reminded of what she saw on the monitor of the film camera earlier. She had to say that Josephine was a great presenter as she looked good on camera and had a memorable voice.

When Josephine left the studio, Ethan presented her with the flowers. He then wrapped his arm around her shoulder and kissed her forehead, his eyes filled with love. Everyone envied Josephine for getting a boyfriend who loved and spoiled her so much.

Josephine wrapped her arm around Ethan, and her female colleagues almost went green with envy. They would love to be in her spot. If they could even touch Ethan once, they would die happy.

That night, Ethan threw a celebration, and he even bought a set of jewelry for Josephine. It might be expensive, but it was nothing to Ethan. If Josephine refused it, it would be disrespectful to their relationship, so she took it.

Unbeknownst to Ethan, Jenna had taken a few photos of him picking out the jewelry for Josephine in the afternoon. She wanted to get more ‘evidence’ to show Donna that Josephine was just a materialistic woman who kept asking Ethan to buy things for her.

After dinner, Ethan took Josephine back to the villa, which was like their secret garden. It was where they could enjoy each other’s love and embrace without worries. Josephine was still munching down on some fruits when Ethan took them away from her. Sheepishly, she said, “Ethan, you…”

Ethan bit down on the fruit and tossed her a look of allure. Josephine couldn’t resist that, so she pounced on him and pinned him down. This position excited Ethan, and he gulped. He put his hand behind Josephine’s head and pressed his lips against hers. It was obvious that Josephine did not manage to get her fruit back.

Josephine started getting handsy too. Oh my God, his abs. His body feels so good. Mmm, I love this. Josephine might be reserved most of the time, but she always let herself go when her switch was turned on. Ethan easily woke the sleeping passion within her.

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