My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1982

Noticing her being handsy, Ethan asked hoarsely, “Having fun?” “Yep. And you’re not letting anyone else touch you, get it?” declared Josephine. Ethan smiled. “Of course. I’m yours forever.”

Happy, Josephine leaned down and kissed him. All of a sudden, he picked her up, and she reflexively wrapped her legs around him. Panicked, she said, “No. I have a report to write.”

“You’re the boss’ wife. You don’t have to write any reports.” Ethan chuckled. He wouldn’t let her go that easily. No. That report will be needed tomorrow. She pleaded, “Please, just give me half an hour. You can do anything to me after that.” Ethan narrowed his eyes, wondering if this was a good deal. He asked, “Are you sure I can do anything?”

Josephine gulped. Well, this is going to be bad. He’s taking advantage of me, and nothing good ever comes from that. However, I’m not scared. Not like he can gobble me up. He’ll always let me go if I just cry a little. Josephine had a few tricks up her sleeves, and she wasn’t afraid to use them. “Yep.” She nodded.

Ethan put her down, and Josephine grabbed herself a glass of water before she darted off to do her report. She could not get into it at first, for she kept getting distracted by Ethan. In the end, she forced herself to power through and finish it in half an hour. After that, she deliberately hid in her room..

However, Ethan had been counting down. If she refused to come out, he would have to go in. When she noticed what he was doing, she chuckled. “I’m not done yet.”

‘Time’s up. If you’re not done, you’ll have to leave it.” He then picked her up from the chair. Josephine closed her laptop and looked at him. “What will you do to me?”

“What do you say?” asked Ethan. “What would you like me to do?” She was getting a bit intoxicated just listening to his voice that was so velvety. She wrapped her arms around his neck. “Whatever you want.” She got a little excited, but then Ethan took her to the couch and she panicked. He’s going to do it right here? That’s a bit embarrassing. “We should take this back to the room.”

“I get to pick the spot,” Ethan declared. I get to do whatever I want. Josephine couldn’t argue. She was the one who suggested this, so she had to take it. Thus, a fun night began.

Jenna and her bodyguards were receiving Donna from the airport. They were waiting outside the VIP passage, and after a while, Donna appeared. Walking behind her were two female bodyguards. Donna was wearing a long, beautiful dress, and her accessories looked elegant and expensive. She was the lady of a rich family, and every move she made sang of elegance. Jenna hugged her. “You’re here, Mrs. Quarles.”

“Take me to Ethan,” said Donna. While they were on their way, Jenna showed Donna the picture she took the day before. “Ethan got her some jewelry. I bet she kept asking him for it, and he picked it for her himself.”

“He wouldn’t even do it for me! And now he’s picking gifts for another girl?” Donna was a little jealous that her son was treating another woman so well.

“You have to stop them from seeing each other, or he’s going to be her slave.” “My son isn’t that worthless.” Donna was wondering how she should settle this.

“You can’t show her mercy, but still, be prepared. I bet she’s going to ask for some compensation.” Donna hated women like that the most. Even though she was rich, she would not let herself get taken advantage of.

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