My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1983

“We should get a room at the hotel. I’d like to make some observations myself.” I should check it out with my own eyes first, Donna thought.

The next day, Josephine went to work as usual.. It was her second show, and she was getting better at it too. The producer didn’t forget to praise her. “We’re going to throw a celebration tonight. Can you ask Mr. Quarles to join us?” asked the producer. “Tonight?” Josephine smiled.

“Yes. Short notice, and it’s only for our department.” Josephine nodded. “I’ll text him.” She then texted Ethan, and he said he could go. “He can make it,” said Josephine.

Happy, the producer said, “Great. Looking forward to tonight.” The news made its way to Tori. She was donning her earrings, and she froze for a moment. “What? Are you sure Mr. Quarles will be there too?”

“Yes. Josephine asked him, and he said he’ll come.” Tori looked into the mirror and smiled. I’m going to dress myself up and take all the attention away from Josephine.

At 5.30PM, the excitement started to fill the air in the office. The employees were looking forward to the gathering later since their boss made reservations at an expensive restaurant. Their performance was great that month and they wanted to celebrate Josephine joining them, so the company spent a ton of money on this.

A lot of the workers clocked off early just to get changed. Of course, they had to doll themselves up! The ladies had heard that Ethan was going to be there, so even though they weren’t expecting any surprises tonight, they wanted to dress up just for Ethan.

Josephine didn’t go back. She had a report to write, and she did not need to captivate Ethan anyway. This was just another dinner for her.

Tori was already in the boutique downstairs, picking out the best dress for the night. A black, shining dress caught her eye, and she took it. “I’ll have this one.” “Sure. We’ll style you up after you get changed.”

Tori got changed and asked someone to style her up. Once they were done, Tori radiated the air of a goddess, and the staff member praised her, “You’re beautiful. I bet you’ll be the star of the show tonight.”

“She’s beautiful and hot. Is someone you like going to show up tonight?” Tori smiled in the mirror. “Yep.” “Oh my gosh, he’s so lucky. You dressed yourself up just for him.” Tori kept admiring herself. No matter her dress or looks, she knew she would be the star of the event. I bet Ethan will look at me.

At 5.30PM, Josephine’s phone rang. She had just finished work. When she saw who was calling, she smiled. “Are you here already?” “Are you done with work? Come downstairs. I want to take you somewhere.” “What? But the event’s starting soon.”

“Which is in an hour. We have enough time before that,” said Ethan. Josephine took her bag and said goodbye to everyone. She then left the building and saw Ethan’s car right outside. Ethan’s bodyguard was in the driver’s seat while Ethan was standing beside the car.

She walked toward him with a smile. She hadn’t seen him for the entire day and she missed him, so she hugged him. Ethan wrapped his arms around her as well and leaned down for a kiss, which made her blush. She then got in the car.

An off-road vehicle was parked right beside them, and the passengers of that vehicle saw what happened. Jenna was filled with envy, and Donna was a little surprised too. It was the first time her son showed so much love to a woman, and she was a little jealous, to be honest.

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