My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1984

Her son could go for two weeks without calling her once, and she was jealous that he was treating someone else so nicely, especially when that someone was a girl she didn’t really like.

The moment Ethan drove away, Jenna said, “Follow them. The driver obliged. Josephine wondered where Ethan was taking her, but she got her answer when they stopped in front of an expensive boutique ten minutes later.

“Go on.” “It’s just a regular dinner between colleagues. Do I even need a dress?” Josephine looked at him. She didn’t really have the urge to dress up. “Oh, it’s not just between colleagues. You’re showing up as their boss’ wife tonight,” said Ethan.

Josephine smiled. She still couldn’t get used to this new identity of hers, but she didn’t want to disappoint Ethan. Since she had the chance to dress up now, she should take it.

They went into the boutique, and Jenna said, “See? All she does is spend his money on things like clothes and jewelry. She never stops.” Donna heaved a sigh. “We should leave. Let’s grab dinner. I’ll talk to her in a couple of days.”

Jenna would like Donna to settle things right here, but she couldn’t push it, so she said, “I’ll make some reservations. You like Mediterranean food, right? I know a good place.”

Donna nodded. She thought Jenna would make a good girlfriend for her son. Ethan was waiting on the couch while Josephine selected her dress on the second floor. She chose a simple white dress. The hem extended to her knees, and the sleeves extended to her elbow. She looked elegant and beautiful in that dress.

She then sat in front of the dressing table as the stylist styled her up. As she closed her eyes, the stylist kept praising her looks, saying that they were perfect, exotic, and yet immaculately beautiful.

Josephine went downstairs after she was styled and Ethan turned around. What he saw captivated him. Josephine was adorable even without makeup, and now she looked like a goddess. “You’re beautiful.” Ethan approached her.

His gaze did not escape Josephine, and she felt a little shy, then she held his hand. “Let’s go. Everyone’s waiting for us.” The group chat was asking her when she would arrive. Her colleagues were already there and buzzing with excitement.

The ladies dressed themselves up for the event, but when Tori showed up, her beauty made them feel inadequate. Tori was a gorgeous woman, and she looked even more beautiful in makeup. A lot of the ladies started whispering among themselves. “Oh my gosh, she’s beautiful.” “Of course, she does. Mr. Quarles must be coming tonight.”

“But he’s Josephine’s boyfriend. This isn’t going to look good on Tori.” The ladies didn’t comment further on Tori’s actions, but they knew she dressed herself up just to attract Ethan. She’s trying to seduce him. Guess there’ll be drama tonight.

Tori took her seat beside the main seat, which belonged to Ethan. This way, she could be close to him. She knew people were staring at her, but she didn’t care. She remained shining and brilliant, and it garnered a bit of attention from the men.

Josephine and Ethan had just arrived at the restaurant, and so had Atticus. He went to sit beside Tori, though he was just here to back Ethan up. His wife wouldn’t have let him attend this event otherwise.

The ladies were wondering what kind of attire Josephine would don, and then someone opened the door. In came Josephine, and she was holding Ethan’s arm.

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