My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1985

They looked like a perfect match, and Tori felt like she was being mocked. She didn’t expect Josephine to dress herself up, and she looked as beautiful and radiant as Tori, if not even more.

Josephine led Ethan to the main seat, where she noticed Tori as well as her immaculate getup. Moreover, she was sitting in the seat right beside Ethan. Josephine shot her a look. Even though Tori felt like she was mocked earlier, she still stared back at Josephine like a triumphant peacock. No one could see it, but there were sparks of enmity flying between the ladies. Ethan pointed at an older man. “So, what’s your position in the company?”

“A team leader and producer, sir.’ The man named Dustin Oserova stood up, feeling excited. “Sit with me. We need to talk about work.” Ethan. then looked at Tori. “Switch seats with him, please.”

Tori froze for a moment, and then she smiled. “Of course, sir.” She stood up and changed seats. Everyone was shocked about that, for this was the first time Tori was treated like this, and Ethan obviously did this to make sure. Josephine would feel happy. Ah, he loves her.

Any man would love to be surrounded by women. The love of women is their bragging right, and yet Mr. Quarles ditched it for his lover. Josephine held a cup of tea and sipped from it, and then Atticus chuckled. ‘We should make our orders, sir.”

“Get me the menu, and we can all make our orders,’ said Ethan. Everyone got a menu, but Ethan didn’t take one. He leaned over and looked at Josephine’s instead. “Order anything you want,” said Ethan. Josephine nodded. “Sure.”

Everyone made their orders without even checking the prices. Ethan would be the one paying after all, and they wouldn’t let go of any chance to have a feast.

Tori was in a bad mood. She didn’t think Ethan would push her away so far just to make sure Josephine wasn’t upset, but she still couldn’t help liking him. No man she ever met had ignored her so hard, yet that was the kind of man she liked.

Oh, I can’t wait to see Josephine’s face when I steal her boyfriend away. After making their orders, everyone started chatting with one another. Josephine joined in the conversations as well. She would listen

closely especially when they were talking about other TV stations. Just then, a lady brought up the gossip about a certain male celebrity, and Josephine leaned in just so she could hear better.

“What? He’s really going to hold a concert? I’ve been waiting for five years! Five years!” Josephine buzzed with excitement. Ethan listened in for a bit. He thought it was a female singer, but then the worker got into fangirl mode. “I’ve seen his interview live. He’s more handsome than he is on TV. He’s fair, tall, and slim. Gosh, he’s beautiful.”

Smugly, Josephine said, “I saw his interview live too. Man, he’s handsome.” Ethan coughed. She’s praising another man right in front of me? Come on, show me some respect. We’re having dinner with everyone here. “Will you go to his concert, then?”

“Of course. I’m not missing it for the world, and I’m getting a VIP seat,’ said Josephine. Tori had been quiet. She turned to look at Ethan. at once when she heard what Josephine said, but all he was doing was stare at Josephine with resignation. There was no anger in his eyes, and there was even a smile on his lips.

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