My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1986

Am I seeing things? Is he not angry that Josephine’s fangirling over a guy singer? Josephine turned to Ethan. “The concert is this Friday. Can you come with me?”

Ethan nodded. “Sure.” It was then Josephine realized that she was so engrossed with the conversation, she neglected him. She felt for his hand so that she could hold it, but she touched his thigh instead. That was when Ethan grabbed her hand, and she smiled at him. Ethen said gently, “I’ll get you the best spot.”

It wasn’t loud, but everyone heard it. All of them could feel the love in the air. Tori looked down, envy filling her heart. She couldn’t believe a guy could actually allow his girlfriend to fangirl over a guy singer, and to think he would get her the tickets for the best spot so they could enjoy the concert together. Have I been wrong about men?

Food was served eventually, and everyone dug in. Josephine cut up a piece of steak and fed it to Ethan. After he gulped it down, he fed her a piece as well, and she munched down on it. They were showing their love openly, and everyone was envious.

Soon, it was time to raise some toast. Atticus made the first one, and that was when Tori found an excuse to go to Ethan. She held up a glass of red wine and swayed her hips as she walked toward him, and then she placed a hand on the table. Sweetly, she said, “A toast, Mr. Quarles.”

Ethan waved her down. “I can’t. I’m driving later.” “I’ll take that, Tori.” Josephine stood up and raised Ethan’s glass for him, causing Tori’s smile to freeze. “Congratulations on finding a good boyfriend, Josephine.”

“Thank you. And I hope you’ll find your happiness one day.” Tori went back to her seat, but her mood was foul. She dressed herself up perfectly tonight, and yet she was now among the crowd she looked down on. She felt like she was a joke. Frustrated, she downed glass after glass of wine. A male worker who liked her said, “You should stop, Tori.”

Tori was a good drinker, so this much wasn’t enough to take her out. Josephine then went to the restroom, and Tori did the same. Right after Josephine finished washing her hands, Tori came out of the cubicle. They stared at each other in the mirror, and Tori blurted, “What did you do to him to make him so infatuated with you?”

“Tori, I don’t care what you do with the other guys, but if you try to take Ethan, I’ll make you pay, Josephine warned as she looked at Tori in the mirror. “Is that a threat? You’re not even that established as his girlfriend yet, Tori snapped back.

“Don’t challenge me,” said Josephine quietly. Tori shot her a look of mockery. “You’re just insecure. I know men, and Ethan’s the kind where women would throw themselves at his feet whenever he goes. If you’re that insecure about yourself, you should leave.”

Josephine refused to talk to her, but Toril wouldn’t stop. “Do you really think he’ll only love you forever? Any man with money will never love a single woman. They’re the same, and. women will always be the object they chase after. He’s not going to only love you forever. Even without me, someone else will try to take him away from you.”

Josephine wasn’t exactly a cocky person, but she would never dwell on matters she couldn’t control. All she wanted was a good life. She enjoyed the process, not the end, and that included relationships. Even if she were to break up with Ethan someday, she wouldn’t dwell on it. What mattered was that the love. was there, and it was real.

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