My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1987

Tori’s taunt didn’t work on Josephine. Instead, it only told Josephine that Tori was nothing but someone who needed to rely on men to thrive, and women like that were pathetic. They would never be able to withdraw themselves from a relationship once they fell in love, and they would become a people-pleaser. That was something Josephine didn’t want to be.

“Honestly, your taunts don’t work on me. If there comes a day when he falls out of love with me, then I will have to accept it. What matters is that he loves me now. Women are not accessories to men. We’re equals-two independent life forms who get together because they admire each other.”

Tori was shocked to hear that, and she blinked. She herself was a brilliant woman, but even she would fall for a man like Ethan. She would want to possess him forever. The thought of him leaving was terrifying, and yet she couldn’t believe Josephine would be so calm about it. How does she do it? Isn’t she scared he might leave her? “Aren’t you worried he might get tired of you?” Tori asked.

Josephine fixed her hair in the mirror, then she turned to Tori and gave Tori a confident smile that showed she was not afraid. “You might. I’m not. Josephine turned on her heel and left.

Tori saw her off. She envied that part of Josephine, for Tori was scared about losing a lot of things. She was worried she might end up not being able to find a job if she was fired since she wasn’t young anymore. She might lose the source of funds for her bags and beautiful dresses, and she was scared about being abandoned. She was worried, and so she wanted to hook up with a brilliant man and never let him go. “Can you really do what you say?” she muttered.

The moment Josephine came back, Ethan’s eyes lit up. Atticus took the chance to talk about work with Ethan earlier, and Ethan almost fell asleep listening to it. Good thing Atticus stopped the moment Josephine came back.

Ethan took a sip of the fruit wine and gave the glass to Josephine. ‘Here. This one’s good.” Josephine took the glass and had a sip. Yep. This is what I would drink. She nodded. “It’s good. Any more of this?”

“Yes. Here.” Ethan handed her a bottle of that wine. Josephine poured herself a glass and shared the rest with the ladies. Ethan was all smiles about it. He was captivated by Josephine and everything she did, for she radiated kindness and selflessness.

Which was also worrying, because that meant she might disregard her own safety just to save someone in times of danger. He hoped she would care about herself more, for he couldn’t be with her at all times.

Tori went back to her seat, and she held her glass up as she stared at Ethan. There was passionate love in her eyes, but Ethan still wouldn’t give her a moment of his time. All his attention was on Josephine, and Josephine was like a rose in full bloom, beautiful and real.

Eventually, the dinner came to an end. Ethan took Josephine’s hand and stood up to leave. Tori quickly followed them. Her heart still led her toward Ethan even though it seemed hopeless for her.

Ethan led Josephine into an elevator, and everyone else took the other elevators, but Tori followed Ethan. When she realized she was the only one who did it, things got a little awkward, but she refused to leave. “Two glasses of fruit wine. That’s all it takes to bring you down?” Ethan flicked Josephine’s cheek.

“I’m not drunk,” said Josephine stubbornly. “But I like it when you’re tipsy.” Ethan wrapped his arm around her shoulder and offered his shoulder for her to lean against it.

Since Tori was here, Josephine got a little embarrassed, but Ethan still pinched her cheek affectionately. Tori watched them being lovey- dovey in the elevators’ mirror. Ethan seemed like a different person when he was with Josephine. Unlike the usually cool and aloof man he was, he seemed like a beast that would gobble Josephine up at any time..

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