My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1988

Tori had a feeling that even if they were to break up someday, Ethan would be the one afraid of that prospect. Eventually, they reached their floor, and Tori emerged from the elevator.. She smiled as she saw the couple off. “See you around, Mr. Quarles, Josephine.”

Josephine didn’t like Tori, but she said, “Thank you.” She then left with Ethan. The driver was driving, while the couple sat in the backseat as they were taken home.

On their way back, Ethan told his assistant to get the concert tickets and that he wanted the best seats possible. Happy, Josephine rested her chin on his arm. She looked like a child who just got her favorite toy. The only men in her life who loved her so much were her grandfather and father. Now, Ethan was added to the list. “Alright, got the tickets. We can see the concert this Friday.” Ethan kissed her forehead.

Jenna and Donna were waiting outside Ethan’s villa. After a lot of persuasion, Jenna finally got Donna to agree to this. Every night Jenna did nothing to break the couple up, Josephine would get to sleep with Ethan, and the thought of that tormented her. Donna was getting upset as well. She was in the backseat and kept checking the time. It’s almost nine-thirty. Why isn’t he home yet?

“Give them a while. They might be on their way home.” Jenna was worried Donna might get tired of waiting. Donna nodded. “I’m alright. I’ll wait a bit more.” “I bet it’s because Josephine’s being clingy,” said Jenna.

Donna’s displeasure toward Josephine mounted. She hated clingy girls. Women like that were obviously dependent on men and would amount to nothing in life. Just then, a black car appeared around the corner, and Donna’s bodyguard said, “Mr. Quarles is back.”

Jenna was starting to get excited. Alright, here goes. I’m going to make her pay for what she did to me. Donna’s going to embarrass her. At the same time, Ethan’s driver noticed a car outside the villa and said, “Sir, there’s a car right outside the entrance.”

It looks like Jenna’s car. He said, “Ignore them. Keep driving.” Just when the car was about to go through the gates, the off-road vehicle suddenly blocked his path. Josephine could guess that this was Jenna’s doing, so she said, “You should say hi to her.”

Ethan reluctantly went to the off-road vehicle’s. backseat and knocked on the window, but when it rolled down, he was surprised to see who was inside. “Mom?” He couldn’t believe his mother was inside the car. Donna shot him a look of displeasure. “You seem unhappy to see me.”

“Oh, you should’ve called, Mom.” Ethan smiled. at her and opened the door. “Well, come out.” “Come with me, Jenna.” Donna said, “I only want to see you and no one else.”

She doesn’t want to see Josephine? Ethan looked at Jenna. Ah, it must be her. So, Mom knows. “My girlfriend’s in my car. I’d like to introduce her to you.” Ethan wanted to introduce Josephine to his mother..

‘I’m tired. I don’t want to meet any strangers,” said Donna. She wanted her son to know that she was displeased. Well, I can’t force her. If I do, she’ll only dislike Josephine more. “Give me a minute.”

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