My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1989

Josephine couldn’t see who was inside the off- road vehicle, but she saw Ethan talking to them. Is it not Jenna? Then, she noticed Ethan coming toward her, so she rolled down the window. Ethan leaned over.

“It’s my mom. She wants to stay over as the flight exhausted her. I’ll arrange for both of you. to meet tomorrow.” Josephine looked at the car in surprise. That’s his mother in there? She nodded. “Sure. I can do that. See you.”

Ethan looked at her apologetically, but Josephine was understanding and smiled sweetly. “Go to your mother. She must be exhausted after the flight.”

Ethan nodded and told the driver to take Josephine home. He then went back to his mother and opened the door, then Donna got out. Jenna noticed the car Josephine was in going away, and she sneered. You’re still inferior compared to me in the end. “Come with me, Jenna,” said Donna. Happily, Jenna held Donna’s arm. “Of course, Mrs. Quarles.”

Ethan led them into the living room, but Jenna’s face fell all of a sudden. She noticed the homely vibe in the living room, but there was also the scent of a woman. On top of that, a lot of stuff was in pairs. Anyone could see that Ethan bought and renovated this place with at woman in mind. The decoration screamed that kind of style.

Donna frowned. He bought this for her? I bet she must’ve nagged him about it. A villa didn’t cost much for their family, but she was still angry at her son for doing this for another woman. “Sit. I’ll get you some tea.” Ethan poured a cup of tea for his mother. Jenna went to help him with a smile. “I’ll help you.”

When Ethan came back with the tea, he noticed that his mother had gone upstairs, so he quickly followed. Meanwhile, Jenna went to sit. on the couch. She spotted Josephine’s laptop, then she turned it on. She didn’t know the password so she couldn’t get into the laptop. but the lock screen wallpaper was a photo of her and Ethan. In fact, it was a slideshow. The sight of them being so in love infuriated her.

Donna took a quick look at the second floor, but before she could go to the next floor, Ethan stopped her. “That’s my room up there. It’s a bit messy, so let me clean it up.”

Ah, the room of a couple. I understand, son. Her son was an adult now so it would be rather inappropriate to ask him about his sex life, but she judged Josephine harsher because of that. Look at him. He wouldn’t even date any woman before this, but now he’s sleeping with that vixen.

Oh, I hope he won’t exhaust himself. Donna looked at the mugs on the table, which. also came in pairs. “Her name’s Josephine, Mom. I met her at the Presgraves’ wedding. We’re in love,” said Ethan.

“Did you do a lot for her? You bought her a villa and a sports car, and you even became her company’s shareholder. You did everything she asked you to?” “Yes, because I love her. I want her to have the best,” said Ethan.

The explanation didn’t work. Despite being a rich woman, Donna still fell for the old trick of ‘knowing someone through the mouth of another’, and she thought Josephine was an avaricious woman. “What did she give you in return?” Ethan shook his head. “I don’t need her to give me anything. What matters is we’re in love.”

Donna had seen a lot in her life, and she knew love could blind the best of men. Her son was obviously in that phase. “You don’t have to arrange any meeting for us. I decide when to see her. If the time comes, we’ll meet,” said Donna. She could see that her son really. wanted to introduce Josephine to her, but she was not interested in that woman.

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