My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1992

Ethan hung up and told Jenna, “I have to go.” “Where are you going?” Jenna asked. “When are you coming back?” “The bar. My friend’s waiting for me.” Ethan went downstairs.

Jenna went with him. When she saw him actually taking his car key, she was secretly. annoyed. All of a sudden, she thought of an idea and pleaded, “Can you take me along?”

“No. My friend doesn’t like strangers.” Ethan quickly left the house and drove into the night. Jenna stood at the doorway, gritting gritted her teeth in fury. She knew Josephine must have said something to make Ethan leave. Damn her.

Noticing the commotion, Donna came down as well. She saw that Jenna was wearing nothing but a nightdress and her son’s shirt. “Where’s Ethan?”

“It’s Josephine. She told him to go see her,” Jenna lied. She was going to slander Josephine as much as she could. “What? She did?” “Yeah, she knew you were here, and yet she did that anyway. I bet she doesn’t care about you.”

As expected, Donna got frustrated. Is she trying to take my son away? She won’t even let me stay with him for a night? How unreasonable can she get?

Ethan drove straight to Josephine’s house after making up an excuse to leave. He knew that Josephine was angry and he needed to explain himself.

After Josephine took a shower, she climbed into her bed and held her pillow. All she could think of was how Jenna was seducing her boyfriend. She told herself to calm down, but she couldn’t. Suddenly, her phone rang, and to her delight, it was Ethan. “Hello.”

“Come out. I’m outside,” said Ethan. “It’s late, so I don’t want to wake your folks,” “What?” Delighted, she darted to the window and pulled the curtains open. Standing outside her house was a black off-road vehicle, and its headlights were blinking.

All the frustration and anger she felt earlier. disappeared, and a happy Josephine went. down holding her phone. Oh, I’m only wearing my pajamas. Ah, who cares? She wanted to see him right now.

Josephine came out and got into his car. Noticing what she was wearing, an amused Ethan asked, “Why didn’t you change?” “Because I couldn’t wait to see you.” Josephine looked at him closely as if she was trying to look for something. “What are you looking for?”

“Kisses,” said Josephine. I knew it. She took it the wrong way. He turned on the lights and stared at her. ‘Don’t worry. I won’t let any other woman touch me.” Amused, Josephine chuckled, and she nodded. “I trust you.”

“Get changed. I’ll take you on a stroll,” said Ethan. “No. You should go back. Your mom came all the way here just to see you. You can’t just leave her alone. What would she think?” Josephine said. “Aren’t you mad?” Ethan didn’t want to go home. He wanted to stay with her.

“Nope. Not when you came all the way here just to cheer me up,” said Josephine. “I’m fine. You shouldn’t make your mother sad, so go home.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, then cheered him up. Ethan was convinced and nodded. “Sure. I’ll go home right now.”

“And don’t force your mother into a meetup. She can see me when she wants to,” said Josephine. She was sure Jenna had ruined already her image by now.

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