My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1994

Ethan went back to his room and texted Josephine. ‘My mom wants to see you tomorrow. Do you have time for that?’ ‘Not if my boss doesn’t give me a day off, texted Josephine cheekily. You got your day off. Tell me if you want more.”

Josephine was in her bed, feeling sweet. Feels good when your boss is your boyfriend. ‘Get some sleep and look perfect tomorrow. I want my mom to think you’re a goddess, said Ethan. Josephine chuckled. Oh, he’s nervous. He’s worried his mom might not like me. “I know. I’ll go to sleep now.’ ‘Night.’

‘Good night.” Josephine picked up her earplugs and read through a novel as she fell asleep. She had a habit of going through history texts before going to sleep. They worked well to put her to sleep, and she drifted to the land of dreams in a moment.

Morning came, and Josephine put on some makeup, then she left. Heidi was watering the flowers, and she asked, “So when’s the wedding?” Josephine blushed. “Mom, we’re still dating.”

“Make sure you don’t lose him, alright? He’s a good man.” Heidi liked Ethan. Josephine was filled with motivation, and she drove away. She worked for a bit and waited for Ethan to call her. About ten thirty, he called. I’m at work. Where you at?”

“My mom and I are coming to the company. Go to my office in a bit.”

“Sure.” Josephine was surprised they would meet at his office. Donna heard all about how her son courted Josephine, and she was surprised he was the one who initiated it. I wonder, what’s so magical about her? Why does Ethan like her so much? If she is as materialistic as Jenna says she is, Ethan would never have fallen for her.

Donnal should trust her son more. It was her first time seeing her son love someone so much. Hel would never treat her like that if she was just another gold digger that constantly orbited him.

Once at the company, Ethan took Donna on a tour around the lobby. Donna thought the station was running well, and then she glanced through the employees of the month board. When she reached the bottom, she noticed a familiar face Josephine?

She checked the name, and sure enough, it was Josephine. Accompanying it were all her achievements, and the sight of that made Donna change her opinion of Josephine..

They went to Ethan’s office, and Donna sat on the couch, waiting for Josephine. Josephine was standing in front of the bathroom’s mirror, straightening herself up and reapplying her makeup. She then nervously got into the elevator.

Ethan got a call from the company, and he left. Donna wanted to look around, so she got out and entered the elevator, then it stopped at Josephine’s floor. The moment the doors swung open, Donna was met with the sight of Josephine. She took a closer look, but Josephine didn’t know that this woman was Ethan’s mother.

What an elegant woman. Josephine saw Donnal but thought Donna would be accompanied by Ethan and would never show up alone. Donna wanted to put her through a test, so she held her forehead and gasped. Josephine quickly held her. “Are you alright, ma’am?”

“Can you take me to the hospital, miss?” Donna asked. “Of course, Give me a second. I’ll call 911.” “It’s alright. Just take me there yourself.” I have to meet someone though, but this seems urgent. Sorry, Mrs. Quarles. Josephine agreed to it, “Okay.”

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