My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1995

Donna said, “You seem to be in a hurry. You don’t have to help me if you can’t.” “It’s alright. I can take you to the hospital,” said Josephine quickly.

“My head hurts. I might faint if I don’t get any medical attention,” said Donna. “My car’s in the parking lot. I’ll take you to the hospital. Josephine put everything aside and took the lady to the hospital.

Donna looked at her. She seems genuine. That kind of kindness cannot be faked. She got into Josephine’s car, and Josephine drove away. “How may I address you? Where do you live? You might want to call your family, madam…”

“Finch. Yes, I’ve called my family. Just take me to the hospital.” Josephine’s phone rang, and it was connected to the car. Donna noticed that the call was from her son, and Josephine took the call. “Hey, Ethan.”

“Where are you?” Ethan was waiting in the corridor. He wanted to go to his office with Josephine. “Sorry, but I need to deal with something. Can you give me fifteen minutes?”

“You’re driving? Where to?” Ethan noticed the hum of a car engine. “A lady needs to be taken to the hospital, but I’ll be quick. Tell your mother I’ll be there soon.”

“Sure. I’ll explain it to my mom,” said Ethan. “I’ll make it back ASAP.” Josephine hung up. Donna looked at Josephine, and she thought a lot better of this girl now.

Ethan went back into his office only to notice that his mother was missing, much to his confusion. Is she in the bathroom? Or did she go around? I should look for her.

Josephine was stuck in traffic, much to her chagrin. She looked a little panicked. “Sorry for wasting your time, miss.” “It’s alright. Nothing important, so don’t worry. We’ll be there soon,” said Josephine. “Ah, I’m alright. Was that your boyfriend?” A hint of love appeared in Josephine’s eyes, and she nodded. “Yep.”

Donna paused for a moment. Josephine answered without hesitation, and her eyes were filled with happiness. Genuine happiness. Donna could see that she wasn’t putting on an act, nor did Josephine realize the woman she was talking to was Ethan’s mother. “Do you love him?”

“Yes, I do,” Josephine said without hesitation. And then, seemingly reminded of something, Donna said, “Oh no. My bag’s at your company, and I don’t have my phone. Can you take me back, miss?”

Josephine was a little surprised, but she didn’t lose patience or get upset, so she nodded. “Sure. I can turn around just ahead. Shouldn’t take more than twenty minutes.” Josephine turned back, and Donna was keeping a close eye on her. Josephine was getting nervous, but she decided she would take this lady to the hospital before she would see Ethan’s mother.

And then a pedestrian decided to flout all traffic laws and crossed the road. Josephine slammed on the brakes and waited for the pedestrian to cross. Most people would’ve started cursing, but Josephine waited for the pedestrian to cross.

Ten minutes later, she came back to the building, and Ethan searched the whole place. He was at the entrance and about to call his mother when he saw Josephine’s car coming into the picture, and he heaved a sigh of relief. Josephine’s back.

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